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  • StudioMotto
    architect, 2003 - 2014
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  • UACG, Sofia
    archtiecture, 2001 - 2007
  • Bartlett, UCL
    architecture, 2012 - 2013
I just bought my first perfume today and I had just this amazing experience! I wanted to share with the World. :) I went to the store to buy something but also to check it out - I had just spotted it on google maps. So when I went in, my nose kinda blocked and underperforming, I couldn't make out a single scent from their collection of perfumes. I asked the lovely gorgeous girl if I can maybe go for a haircut and come back in an hour, hopefully my sniffing abilities would have recovered by then. I asked if she could recommend a nice place (I have just spotted one on my way there) and she said, well yes, just across the street is Murdock, The most amazing hair salon in London! And, boy, was she spot on. I crossed the street, went in and asked the two gentlemen if they had a free slot for me, lunch break, usually not an option. And they said: "How about we give you a free haircut, sir? George is performing free cuts today, he wants to dazzle us with his unique skill and unmatched charm! We might as well hire him." This was, by far, the best haircut I had ever gotten in my life. I kid you not. I looked amazing. I was so handsome in that moment. Of course, I returned to the beautiful perfume lady and invested in the "Ambrette" - the lightest one you can get, natural musk she said, I watched her mixing the concoction in the little lab they have. At the store I thought I might be spending way too much for what I had initially planned, but when I opened the bottle at home I saw that the label read "eau de perfum". (fragrances go in four flavors: eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de perfum and perfume. Perfume is the most expansive one, long lasting, extract.) I am now absolutely happy about my purchase, the scent is amazing. I also ended up buying a shampoo from the store next to Murdock - Aesop. Again, amazingly charming guy with another positive mini story. A great synergy all around and a wonderful perfume store. Really happy, as you can probably tell from my story. :)
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Consistently poor experience. Long waiting times.
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