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Academy Foot & Ankle Specialists at Flowermound

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Academy Foot and Ankle loves the thriving communities we serve. Get out and take advantage of a great event coming up on Saturday called Rock the Park at Keller's Bear Creek Park. The headliner is Roger Creager and aside from the concert there will be activities for all ages. It starts Saturday at 11 am. Go to for more details. See you there!

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They say bad things happen in three's! Witten now is not a guarantee. Word is 2 sprained ankles and that pesky hamstring injury!

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Introducing the Doctors of Academy Foot and Ankle Specialists!!

Academy Welcomes Brady R Mallory, DPM

1. My Hobbies are: Playing guitar, Car Restoration, Golf, Camping and Hiking
2. If I could spend the day with one person (alive or passed) it would be (and why): The man who walked on water because you could learn more from him in 1 day than a thousand lifetimes.
3. I would like to meet: Leonardo da Vinci
4. Some things about my family: I am married to a wonderful lady (Julie) and are pleased to have just introduced a set of twins (Mack and Mae) into the world who are the loves and joy of our lives. Although twins can be a challenge I would have it no other way.
5. The most important thing to me: Faith and family
6. My favorite place I've traveled: Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Peru
7. My top bucket list item: Go scuba diving through an ancient shipwreck and find a gold deblume

Dr. Mallory is originally from Idaho and a graduate from Utah State University. He obtained his B.A. in arts and science with a minor in Spanish which he fluently speaks. He graduated top of his class from The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland which has since been acquired by Kent State University. He then completed a three year surgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania. His training emphasis includes; reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, forefoot surgery, trauma and diabetic wound care. While in residency he published award winning research focused on advanced surgical techniques for limb salvage in those with severe lower extremity deformities. He also researched the usefulness of inflammatory markers in diabetic foot infections. He recently relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to start the next step in his career and looks forward to treating patients with any foot and ankle problem. Dr. Mallory strives to provide exceptional care to all of his patients and believes that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to do so. He is an associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and serves as a member of both the American and Texas Podiatric Medical Associations.
Make an appointment with Dr. Mallory today at our Flower Mound office!!

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Another Injury??
Another injury plagues the Dallas Cowboys as #94 Randy Gregory, who plays linebacker, injured his right ankle against the New York Giants this week. As the play was unfolding Gregory was being blocked by two offensive linemen on the opposing team. As he planted his left foot to the ground it was stepped on by one of the lineman as the other continued to block forward. As Gregory planted his right foot to the ground he simultaneously shifted his weight causing an external rotation across his ankle joint. This combined action along with the force applied puts a lot of stress within the ankle joint itself as well as the syndesmosis. The syndesmosis (interosseous ligament) can be thought of as the structure that ties the fibula to the tibia from the ankle towards the knee. Not surprisingly he was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain.

High ankle sprains are less common than traditional ankle sprains, but can be more debilitating. It has been reported that the syndesmosis is involved in anywhere from 1 – 18% of ankle sprains. There are many special tests that can be done by a foot and ankle specialist in regards to diagnosing the injury correctly. Also, imaging such as stress x-rays or MRI can be useful tools in proper diagnosis. In some cases surgery may be indicated to add stability across the syndesmosis as it heals fully. Randy, from all accounts, seems to have the type of injury which can be treated with conservative care. This may include being off his foot for a period of time as well as compression and elevation. A rehabilitation program is often essential to ensure adequate healing and prevent further injury before returning to full activity. Current reports say he will be out anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

pic courtesy of Vine...

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It was recently announced by the media the injury that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant suffered last night against the New York Giants was a 5th metatarsal fracture. Fifth metatarsal fractures are very common, and this is also the injury that has kept NBA star Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder out of competition for so long. There is a type of 5th metatarsal called a Jones Fracture, seen in a region of the 5th metatarsal that receives less blood flow, and there is a greater risk of delayed healing with this fracture.

A Jones fracture is the type of 5th metatarsal fracture Kevin Durant had and this is the reason that he had such delayed healing and had to go back for repeat trips to the operating room. If Dez's injury is not in the region of the 5th metatarsal with poor blood flow, and therefore would not be labeled a Jones Fracture, then his recovery time will be shorter, and his risk of delayed healing would be lower.

With a minimally displaced fracture with less than 2 mm of fracture gapping in, a non-athlete this may be treated non-surgically. However, with the Cowboys needing Dez back on the field catching passes again as soon as possible, his healing will be much faster if the fracture can be compressed with hardware, likely just 1 screw that goes longitudinally through the 5th metatarsal bone. This surgery could speed up the recovery time allowing him to get back on the field as early as 4 weeks.

How about that win, though!!!
(pic courtesy Dallas Morning News)

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Academy would like to welcome Dr. Philip Parr!
Philip Parr, DPM, MS is originally from Cherokee, Oklahoma. After graduating as valedictorian from Cherokee High School, he began his education at Oklahoma State University, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training. At Oklahoma State Dr. Parr developed a strong interest in sports medicine, working closely with the athletic training department and the team physicians for OSU Athletics. He was named a Top Ten Senior in his college at OSU and subsequently matriculated into Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa where he achieved his Masters of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences. He then attended the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago where he acquired his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine degree, serving as class president during his time in Chicago. Dr. Parr then completed an intensive 3-year Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency with an added credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah. During his time in residency, Dr. Parr also completed additional dermatopathology training at Bako Labs in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Here are some fun facts about Dr. Parr that you won’t find anywhere else!!
1. My hobbies are: Going to the playground with my daughter, exploring new cities and restaurants with my wife, following college (OSU) and NFL football (Cowboys) and NBA Basketball (Thunder), Mountain biking, road biking, skiing.
2. If I could spend the day with one person: My grandmother Flora Mae Sturgis who was a nurse and passed away during a routine surgical procedure when my mother was a child.
3. I would like to meet: Michael Jordan
4. Some things about my family: My wife's name is Rose, and we have a 2 1/2 year old named Lily who keeps us constantly laughing. My wife and I got married in a hot air balloon in Park City, Utah the first weekend of my residency training.
5. The most important thing to me: Without a doubt, my family both here in Texas and back in Oklahoma.
6. My favorite place I’ve traveled: Stillwater, Oklahoma. Paris was o.k.
7. My top bucket list item: Attending the Super Bowl

Make an appointment today with Dr. Parr at our Keller office! 817-424-3668

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Introducing The Surgeons of Academy Foot and Ankle:

While you can read his professional bio on our website (, here are some fun facts about our very own Dr. Dacus!

Meet Dr. Joel Dacus!

• My hobbies are: flying amphibious aircraft and air camping
• If I could spend the day with one person (alive or passed) it would be (and why): I always wanted to meet Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon. Though I never got to meet Mr Armstrong, his courage, strong stable principles and his accomplishments were always an inspiration. I could easily spend a day with him talking all about his experience on the moon and his trip through space.
• I would like to meet: Felix Baumgartner the daring pioneer who jumped from a helium balloon at over 125,000 ft from near space.
• Some things about my family: I am happily married to the best woman on the planet! A true stable partner who gives me strength and purpose. We have three children- two boys and a girl of which we are so proud. All our children are accomplished and entering early adult life. One of our boys flys for the United States Navy.
• The most important thing to me: Jesus Christ, Wife and children and grand children
• My favorite pace I’ve traveled: Mt Kilimanjaro Kenya and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
• My top bucket list item: Flying my plane across Australia to Tasmania with my wife
Make an appointment with Dr. Dacus today at our Keller location! 817-424-3668.
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