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Jim Rhodes
Mobile device expert & advocate for the advancement of the Gulf Coast tech sector & entrepreneurial community.
Mobile device expert & advocate for the advancement of the Gulf Coast tech sector & entrepreneurial community.

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Goodbye Google+

Today I made the decision that I have been putting off for some time. For a while, there has been an "elephant in the room" and my way of dealing with it was remaining quiet and desperately hoping the situation would fix itself. But it is time to face reality and now I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Goodbye Google+.

When we first met, you had so much promise as to what a social network could be. Your champion, +Vic Gundotra, sold me. I jumped in both feet and embraced you. The people that were there were passionate about this new social tool. It was a place where people with a common interest could easily find one another. Conversations blossomed. It was a joy to spend time in your world. I loved having all of my Google services combined with my new social platform of choice. Photos. Hangouts. YouTube. They were all there. I felt like I never had to leave your walls because it was all right there, just a click away.

But then the tide turned. Those services were removed from you, one by one. And then, a makeover. Suddenly it was all about Communities and Collections. Even your biggest advocates began to become disenchanted with your new look and feel and began leaving for the tried and true worlds of Facebook and Twitter. You were just a shell of your former self, with a fresh coat of paint.

I've tried to ride it out. But now there are no more enlightening conversations. Engaging content is getting harder to find. I've grown tired of hoping it will get better.

So, today, I am officially turning out the light on Google+. I am removing the app from my phone. I am no longer keeping a tab for it open in my browser. I have lost my reasons to keep coming back. True, there is a sense of relief because I will have one less social network to keep up with. But like some relationships that have been let go off in one's past, I am sure I will wonder from time to time what could have been.

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ITEN Wired Radio - Summit Details Coming!

The planning team will be on ITEN Wired Radio today at 9:00 to discuss what's in store for those attending this year's summit. Listen live at the link below. If you are unable to tune in, the broadcast will be made available for listening later at this link. Want to catch up on past episodes and be notified when new ones are available? Search for ITEN Wired Radio on your podcast app or subscribe using the RSS link on the site.

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ITEN WIred Radio Today!

I'm looking forward to being on ITEN Wired Radio today. I will be joining some of the other stellar summit planning team members to discuss details of #itenwired16. It's less than two months away! Tune in today at 9:00 to listen live at

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Get Nougat Now

Don't want to wait to get Android 7.0 (aka Nougat) on your Nexus phone? Enroll in the Android beta program. 

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Agenda Is Up!

The agenda for #itenwired16 has been posted on the web site.

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America's first city is 457 years old. #Pensacola

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Coming Soon, A More Secure Android.

Better security is coming to #Android 7, aka #Nougat. Here is a list of what to expect. 

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Some tips on how to truly enjoy a #staycation.

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Is Inbox the future of email?

Here are 5 reasons why it could be. 

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Looking to boost your career in cyber-security?

Having one of these certifications will help. 
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