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Operation Chapeau/Operation Top Hat - 23 August 2015

I finally had some time to plan my first field op, and started with Hat Island because I had a small collection of keys.

Hat Island is a small, exclusive, private community - only residents or their guests are allowed to access the island or use the marina.  This makes it a very good anchor site.  The first step was to secure permission to be there, and a friend of mine generously gave me permission to spend the day in the marina, near the lion’s share of the available portals.  

Mount Baker seemed a natural choice for a second anchor site, and there was support from the Bellingham community to use it.

The third anchor site was planned for Guemes Island, and was expanded to Lopez Island with the lucky coincidence of an agent vacationing there on the planned op day.

The operation made checkpoint, and one agent made gold Illuminator.

The adventure expanded with the entry of SixesandSevens, who recognized an opportunity to build onto our field with expansions into Semiahmoo, and spun up the simultaneous Operation Top Hat. His first layer made checkpoint, but the succeeding three did not due to delays from friendly YOLO blockers preventing the baseline he needed from happening in time.

On Tuesday, the western legs to Guemes and Lopez still remained, so we were able to run a second op to close the end, fielding over Oak Harbor a second time, and those fields made check.

Operation Chapeau was 12 layers, plus splits, and totalled just over 300k MU. The incidental Operation Chapeau Deux reclosed about 40K. Operation Top Hat was 4 layers, at around 84K MU, one of which made check.

Bewildered First-Time Architect (Chapeau)- Featherhead
Super Experienced and Pro Architect (Top Hat) - SixesAndSevens

Very Smooth and Excellent Operator (Chapeau)- MouslingSqueak
I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Operator Operator (Top Hat) - SixesAndSevens

Go-Long Crew - Hat Island - Featherhead

Go-Long Crew - Mount Baker - Waterbaby8391, 8op, Sonofabiscuit, Sidepull, Simonshultis, BountyHunter23, Lindow1, Spiritmagic, sweetshine

Go-Long Crew - Guemes Un - GypsyTamer
Go-Long Crew - Guemes Deux - LassJ, AjAlspa2005

Go-Long Crew - Lopez - Xrystalb’sLady, XrystalBall

I Can Do It ALL - Semiahmoo - SixesAndSevens

Beat-Down Crew - Amaricus, Asymtropic, bakerfamily, bakerfamily2, Bubblezsc, CaptainTripsNW, darkhjustice, firethief, FroggyEmma2014, GypsyTamer, HappyZenGirl, LordVette, NoBadKarma, RobSpa1978, Sabastian10, SamOMighty, smurfkiller, Sonofabiscuit, strangeatractor, TEG24601, uudecoder, VectorBorgia, wnderwoman, Yomikibagami, Warmanator.  Also SixesAndSevens and irfuben32 for Operation Top Hat

And in Honor of National Dog Day - Junior, Arya, and Hagrid

Special Thanks
MorphTXR13, for going to a very remote anchor to take down a bothersome leg from a RES megafield thrown the day before. Without his help, we surely would have failed.  Also for Ollietronic and Polygonz for their role in helping make that happen.

Pongolyn for her advice and friendship.

firethief, Edelwicke and OneButton for their grace over ADA use.

Know that if I forgot to mention you here, I am no less grateful for your assistance.

Smash Credit
Slashgiggle at Mount Baker for Chapeaux Un, hiking in the dark, no less.
kajiramarie at Guemes Island 7for Chapeaux Deux.
nyx82 at Semiahmoo, BC for Top Hat
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Appeal Type:  Portal Location Change
Portal Title:  Brattland Picnic Mural, Oak Harbor, WA

There are two entirely separate murals at the Blue Fox Drive-In in Oak Harbor, WA.  The Blue Fox Drive-in portal has one mural, and the portal is sited on the approach to the Drive-In's ticket window, as it should be.  The Brattland Picnic Mural is, as you can see in the picture, a completely different mural.  I was standing in the picnic area when I took the picture, and if you look, you can see the picnic tables in the foreground.  If you look at the picture showing the map service on a portal edit, you can see the same picnic tables, located on a concrete pad on the complete opposite side of the building from the Blue Fox Drive-In portal.  Somebody recently submitted an edit to have the Brattland Picnic Mural moved to the same side of the building as the Blue Fox Drive-In mural, and when I submitted an edit to have it returned to its proper location, you denied the request.  Please put the portal back where it should properly be. Thank you.
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Portal Name:  Seagull in Flight Yard Art (name changed from previous Duck In Flight)
Portal address:  2051 Polnell Heights Road, Oak Harbor, WA  98277

Portal was submitted with a deliberately misleading photo and name due to strategic location in a small neighborhood on the coast of an island.  It is on PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY, and additionally, down a private road to a small neighborhood.  These conditions are expressly disallowed in Niantic's rules, and yet multiple submissions for removal have been ignored, and the last was rejected. We finally submitted a name change that more accurately describes this portal. The elderly woman who owns the house is not happy about the traffic to her front yard, and police are likely to become involved in the future.
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So I use Chrome, and I installed Tampermonkey and all of the installations seemed to go OK, but I can't figure out how to get to IITC to use it now.  I do not work with scripts at all, so it may be something not obvious to me.  Can somebody help?

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So, this song by Gotye is one of my new very favorites. This cover sounds very unique and awesome, but you must watch the video to fully appreciate it. Enjoy!
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