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Seaparo Phala
Leader without a title | African | FOSS Proponent | Open Internet | Internet Rights | Cyber Security | ICT Trends | I write what i like
Leader without a title | African | FOSS Proponent | Open Internet | Internet Rights | Cyber Security | ICT Trends | I write what i like

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Unearthing the Open Source Software ‘Lone Rangers’
When asked to speak
at the #SoftwareFreedomDay2015 in Pretoria regarding the South African
government’s progress on the implementation of the Open Source Software implementation,
I painted four scenarios   regarding OSS implementation
by government departme...

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LibreOffice officially made available for all UK Government agencies nationwide.

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Indian government includes open source in RFPs

The Government of India has implemented a remarkable new policy-level change for open source software (OSS) deployment. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has asked that open source software-based applications be included in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for all new procurements. Note there is not a plan at this time to replace existing proprietary systems with open source software.

As stated, the policy will "adopt open standards and promote open source and open technologies" in order "to prepare India for a knowledge based transformation into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy."

In addition to adopting open source and open standards, the Indian Government is also emphasizing on opening up the source code without any royalty for the community to use, modify and redistribute the original/modified software. This is compliant with the Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

Proprietary software (labeled as "closed source software" and "CSS" in the policy document) would only be permitted for demonstrated urgent/strategic need or lack of expertise or non-availability of open source software.


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City of Cape Town’s call for nominations of members of the public to serve on its Open Data Steering Committee

The City of Cape Town’s Open Data Policy was approved by Council on 25 September 2014. In terms of this policy, the City will establish and incrementally populate a single online open data portal for information and data generated by the organisation that will be free and accessible to members of the public.

In accordance with directives 7.3.7 and 7.3.8 of the policy, the City Open Data Steering Committee will be established to advise on content for the City’s Open Data Portal, and will include two representatives from the public, namely:

In terms of clause 7.3.7, an independent representative as co-opted by the steering   committee. In terms of clause 7.3.8, a member of a relevant sector body as co-opted by the steering committee

Members of the public are hereby encouraged to nominate appropriate individuals to serve on the City of Cape Town’s Open Data Steering Committee.

Written nominations for City Open Data Steering Committee members, with the consent of the nominee, supported by at least two persons, and on the prescribed form, must be received by no later than 21 January 2015.

Suitable candidates will be persons who have been involved in areas related to Open Data, public rights regarding government-held and created data; Open Data interest groups that represent a broad base of stakeholders across civil society and representatives from non-governmental organisations, business and academia that have an interest in open data.

While nominees do not necessarily have to have formal academic or professional qualifications, they will have to demonstrate (through proven knowledge and experience) that they have developed the necessary competencies and have insight into issues related to the subject area of Open Data.

The City’s Interim Open Data Steering Committee will receive nominations from the public, check for policy compliance and then make its recommendation.

Nominations to the City Open Data Steering Committee close on 21 January 2015.

To access the City’s Open Data Policy, see the link below.
To nominate an individual for the City Open Data Steering Committee, please use the PDF version of nomination form in the link below.  

Submit nominations via e-mail or fax, as stipulated in the contact details below.

Further information is available from:

Neil Hoorn
Development Information & GIS Department
Tel: 021 487 2295
Fax: 021 400 2715

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Soldiering on and championing the cause for Internet Governance
we land at OR Tambo International Airport on our return from Mauritius, I
cannot help but feel as big as a Baobab Tree.   We left from various parts of the African continent as just seedlings
but now we were all taller and bigger. We were not big from th...

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Technology everywhere except where needed by the majority
year 2013 is gone and everything that happened during the hours, days, weeks
and months in that year will be referenced by historians as part of
history.   To
wrap up 2013, I spent almost the whole month at my home (Mamphokgo Village) in
Limpopo. The De...

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My Govtech 2013 Review
My Govtech 2013
Review This
morning I found myself reminiscing about some of the biggest events that were on
the ICT calendar in 2013.   One of the
events that I attended was the annual government ICT pilgrimage, viz; Govtech
2013 which was held on 21 – 23 ...

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Please share with others. A call to our telcos for free access to wikipedia
Please share this video of students in South Africa who are asking for free access to Wikipedia on mobile. They want their carriers to join the #WikipediaZero program from the Wikimedia Foundation.
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