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I have been using the Midori Traveler's Notebook as a Bullet Journal since the beginning of the year. For the first quarter (January-March) I used +Patrick Ng​​ Chronodex to track my time via color coded pens. The Chronodex was printed six to a full sheet label, cut into 2.75" squares and stuck to the top left of the page. I would then use the bottom left of the page for action items and tasks. The right side of the page was used as a journal.

Since April, I started to use a time ladder. Just a straight line down the left of the page with 4 squares per hour (15 minutes power square). I still color code it for each project / client so I know when something becomes a time suck out if I an neglecting something. To the left of the time ladder I keep a corresponding journal. The left page then becomes a pure Bullet Journal for actions and notes. I do use an index but have not yet started to use collections -but I will soon.

I typically keep three notebooks in my Midori, but they are not Midori refills. I primarily use +Arnie Kim​ banditapple carnet books with grid lines.

The pictures here are mock topics and entries as I can not actually publish my work journal.
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