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This is the Itinerary and Comments for the project:

Day 0:  Thursday Leave Toronto, CA 20:10 Friday, October 6, 2016. 

Day 1:  Arrive in Munich.  Fly to Marseille.  Arrive Marseille 12:35 Tuesday, October 7.  
Meet the family:  The family we will meet are Bruno and Lucille, who have two children, Élise and Romane.  We will get a car in Marseille and drive to Vaugines!

NB:  THIS SITE --     -- CONTAINS ALL THE PICTURES USED IN THIS PRESENTATION.  CLICK ON IT, AND THE PICTURE NUMBER ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN IS THE SAME AS THE NUMBER IN THIS PAPER.  For example, 1 of 59 is the one listed just below as 1. Canandaigua.  All the picture references are within [  ] and in italics.

Views of how we are going to get there:
[1. Canandaigua
2. Ontario Co., NY
3. Rochester and Toronto
World with Atlantic
Europe and Africa
Europe centered on France
South France centered on Marseille
Provence region - Marseille to Arles to Apt to Aix-en-Provence
Marseille to Location of Vaugines
  Vaugines Path
  Vaugines Local]

Notice the area  --  farmland surrounding small towns and cities.  It is kind of like here.
General Itinerary:
Where I plan to go:  [12. Provence region] 
Vaugines -- Day 1, 2 and 4 -- with family, walking, exploring, shopping, seeking 
photos and sites.
Arles -- Day 3 -- with whomever, visiting Van Gogh sites, the Rhone River, the city 
and Roman sites.
Vaugines and Day 4 -- markets, family, driving, photos, relaxing.
     the Luberon --
Aix-en-Provence -- Day 5 -- Cezanne sites, the big town.
Apt -- Day 6 -- the Geology Museum in Apt, hiking, restaurant, driving, photos.
As we move on: Day 7 -- and for the remainder of the trip:  at this point an unknown.  [13. France]
Marseille? -- visiting the port, shopping, restaurants, etc.  
Possible trips to Rome, Barcelona, Lauzanne, Cannes, Paris, Lyons...?

Day 1 & 2:  Friday and Saturday Vaugines  [14. Vaugines Local]  

After arriving at Vaugines, we will be getting settled, and maybe shopping for foods: there is a Saturday market is at Cadenet.  We will need to spend time with the family [15 Lucille and Bruno  16.  Romane and Élise].  Once we are kind of settled and oriented, and have a more clear idea of what we will be doing [17. Vaugines Alone], we will explore.  We will walk  [18. and 19. Vaugines]  probably  [20. Vaugines] to the center fountain, to have coffee in the Cafe de la Fontaine [21. and 22. Vaugines] and relax.  After getting a coffee, perhaps we may go to the old church [23. Vaugines Church] which was started in the 13th century by monks, who had established a monastery about 1100.  It is to be remembered that this area has history (as opposed to prehistory) dating back into the Roman era.  A probably Christian altar from the 5th century has been found.  The village itself was founded sometime in the early 13th century.  It experienced the first of the plagues in the 1348-52 period, as did the Italian region.  It will be interesting to also talk to the family about the movies made here, Jean de Florette (1986) and Manon des Sources(1986);  we may try to see some of the scene locations, or may do that later in the week.  I assume we will also discuss what and how we are going to eat.

Day 3:  Sunday Arles, van Gogh, the Romans . . .

[24. Provence region - Marseille to Arles to Apt to Aix-en-Provence] One of the things most exciting about this area is the artistry which came out of it.  Arles and near-by Saint-Rémy are noted as the home of van Gogh for a short but creative period.  [25. Arles map;]   Arles is also noted for Roman buildings -- including a theater and an amphitheater which are still used.  [26. Arles Amphithéâtre]  The city is about 60 Km from Vaugines, but is about 80 Km by road.  [27. Vaugines to Arles]  Getting there will be half the fun, as the roads skirt the edge of a massif that runs to the Alps, and go through Saint-Rémy on the way.   

A little about van Gogh  [28. van Gogh self-portrait]  -- he came to Arles in February of 1888, wanting to start his own “circle”, having been strongly influenced by impressionists .  While there, a circle formed, and then broke, but he certainly painted up a storm.   During this time, he did 200 paintings and 100 watercolors and drawings, including many of his most famous, such as  [29.“Starry Night Over the Rhone”] [30.“Vase with Twelve Sunflowers”]  [31. “Starry Night”] and[32.“Irises”].  He was in Arles for only 15 months, and then in Saint-Rémy until May 20, 1890.  He moved north of Paris where, less than 2 1/2 months later, he committed suicide.  

One thing we want to do in Arles is visit some of the places where he painted, and take photos.  For example, his painting of a café in Arles: [33 “Cafe Arles”] the café is still there, and the same is true of the Langlois Bridge [34. “Langlois Bridge”] 

Related to that, we also want to follow the Route des Artistes [35. Route des Artistes] which happens dimanche 9 octobre 2016!  

Another will be to visit the Roman buildings! The Amphitheater [36. Amphithéâtre]  is the site for many events, including bullfighting.  [37. Bullfighting]   The schedule does not match ours -- September is the last of the year’s Bullfights.  The theatre is still used as well for stage performance.  [38. and 39. Arles Théâtre]

Finally, we will want to go to one or two good restaurants, and there do seem to be lots of them...[40. Arles restaurants]

We will return to Vaugines in the evening.

Day 4:  Monday With the Family in Vaugines, and perhaps hiking in the area.  [41. Vaugines Oblique]  The dark green is the Luberon Massif, and most likely will give excellent spots for photography as well as hiking.  We also will want to spend part of the day playing with the children, chatting with the family, and meeting neighbors.  We also expect to be staying in a house (which we will be renting) and we should be able to do some cooking, but will need to go to the markets to get food.

Day 5:  Tuesday Aix-en-Provence.  About a 40 Km drive, through an interesting area, heading south towards Aix-en-Provence, [42. Aix Marked] down into a valley just past Pertuis, and then up again, and then on to Aix.   In Aix, as with most places here, there is too much to see.  In Aix we hope to visit their markets.  There are three, which are open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:  flowers, fruits and vegetables, and le grand marché.  See this site:  

The kinds and places of other markets, and many events, are noted in this site: [43. Aix-en-Provence Markets]

There are a number of other general markets, and Apt has a full market (300 vendors) on Saturday morning.  Pertuis also has a farmers’ market every Wednesday and Saturday.  Cadenet has markets Monday and Saturday.  But Aix is the big one.

Aix was also the home of Paul Cézanne, [44. Cézanne]  and is the location of his studio, his home, and the area from where much of his work was taken.  His work progressed, in that his later works became simplified, and he used geometric shapes to form the objects he was painting.   This earlier work from 1873 [45. Auvers-sur-] is delicate, with a leafy presentation of the flora.  The three Mont Sainte-Victoire paintings, in chronological order (1887, 1895 and 1904-5), show the changes happening in how he paints the landforms, the vegetation and the houses.   [46., 47., 48. the three Mont Sainte-Victoire in order...] The two quarry paintings also show the changes.   [49., 50. the two Bibemus in order]  I have always found his work fantastic, and his changing is so cool.  So visiting as much of his work and of where he worked, and trying to get photos of what he was painting is very exciting.   I would like to visit his studio, which is open daily.  I hope to even be able to visit the Bilbemus Quarry, but it will depend on timing:  for October, they are open to the public only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10:30 AM (in English) and 3 PM in French.

As is to be expected, Aix is also home to lots of restaurants, and we plan to try at least two of them.  There are over 150 Traditional French Cuisine Restaurants with meals for under 50 Euros. [51. Aix Restaurants] See this website:

Day 6:  Wednesday Apt.  When we go to Apt,  [52. Vaugines and Apt]  we will want to visit the Luberon Geology Museum there, [53. Luberon Regional Park][54. Geology Museum] and may try out some of the Hiking Trails (25 are listed...) [55. Hiking Trails]  which are there.  The goal will be to learn about the geography and the geology of the area, about the landscape.  There are also a few restaurants in Apt, and driving there and back will  be an experience, with switchbacks galore.  There should be splendid opportunities for photography and sightseeing.

Day 7: Thursday Moving On . . . ?  The remainder of the trip, is, at this point an unknown.  [56. France] Wherever we go, we will be saying goodbye to Vaugines [57. Vaugines close]  and to the Luberon  [58. Vaugines Luberon].  Perhaps we will go to Marseille, Lauzanne, Cannes and Nice, Paris, Rome or Lyon.  [59. Europe]  There is so much.  We do not know yet. 

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These pictures are for a language project, looking at a possible trip to the village of Vaugines in southern France.
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Spent some time sitting in our park last night, and got these.  The colors in the shot of the "moon bow" are what the camera took, and pretty much what I saw.  I did not do any kind of enhancement to them.
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The crescent moon setting in some trees, with Venus above, last night.  The panorama is Boston, early May.  Now I need to mow the lawn.
OOPS -- all I need to do is attach the pictures!!!  The Boston shot is kind of big...56 x 12.
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The crescent moon setting in some trees, with Venus above, last night.  The panorama is Boston, early May.  Now I need to mow the lawn.

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Having a few houseplants that give you beautiful flowers in the midst of this winter was soooo nice.
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Early winter decided to stop by...and black and white seemed to fit.  I have a vague recollection of 65 degrees and sunny two days ago.
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Just a wonderful day showing "October's Bright Blue Weather" and showing why I like living where I do.  
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Went for a drive yesterday, ended up at the lake.  A beautiful day, mid-60's, light breeze.
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