The Minnesota DFL & Governor Mark Dayton Implicated in satanic ritual abuse of children and the concealment thereof! The so called solved Jacob Wetterling case, on the heels of a LEGITIMATE WITNESSES (AN ADULT SURVIVOR OF THE SAME) REVELATIONS OF WHO THE REAL ABDUCTOR IS! In an election year (what lent to motive to orchestrate the artifices, alleging the cold case was solved) this witness, and now me, have tied these kidnappings, abductions, missing children and trafficked persons (my daughter also a MURDER victim) to the aforementioned officials and there are many others throughout Minnesota, also implicated and they tie to the Omaha Nebraska Franklin Scandal!

I assure you I will not stay silent so the #Democrat voters can remain comfortable with their illusion of #MinnesotaNice, WHEN IN REALITY, THE TRUTH IS WHAT NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF!
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