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Anyone looking to donate money to support relief operations in Uttarakhand, consider donating to RSS. From what little information I have been able to gather, RSS and VHP are the organizations with boots on the ground, helping people. This might be a better option than donating to PM's Relief Fund, in case you are skeptical about how your donated money will be used.

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This guy is my hero! Tagging other facial hair enthusiasts   +Spencer Kellis , +Nathaniel Gaskin . +Animesh Pathak 

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FYI, SLC people. 
Common Cause is looking for a tech to deal with networking, livestreaming, and video recording for their ALEC protest in Salt Lake City.  Email me if you're interested in this gig.

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Q : So, how much force can Yoda really generate? 
A : Apparently, not enough.

"So Yoda sounds like our best bet as an energy source. But with world electricity consumption pushing 2 terawatts, it would take a hundred million Yodas to meet our demands. All things considered, switching to Yoda Power probably isn’t worth the trouble—though it would definitely be green."

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Meanwhile, in Europe.

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Coolest product demo. Ever!
We are always pushing the limits of our technology, and Project Glass is no exception.  It is designed to help you live in the moment -- even when you’re falling from the sky.

We’re still in early development days, but at Google I/O this morning we wanted to do a product demo in a way we’d never tried before.  We worked with some of the world’s top athletes, combined skydiving and mountain biking, and shared the experience -- through their eyes -- with the world.

If you missed it, we’d love you to be able to see how we put this together, so tune in live tomorrow (weather permitting!) at roughly 11am at to check it out.

And you may just catch another Hangout in Air.

#projectglass   #io12   #skydiving  

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It's NOT Adam and Steve!

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Kindness of strangers. #kindness #kindnessofstrangers  

PS: Beware - the video is extremely painful to watch. 

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TCP/IP : Bringing people together since the 70s!

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This is what it takes to be a "neutral" country. 
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