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Randy Hees
I like old things, I like to travel... I like to eat and drink...
I like old things, I like to travel... I like to eat and drink...

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A Grand Migration… A new trip… A trip plan
August 21, 2017 will be marked by a solar eclipse… a rare occurrence,
“a total eclipse of the sun”…   Carly
Simon called it “where you should be (all the time) ” Gael and I, and at least three other groups of friends and
family are making the pilgrimage to ...

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Alaska part III
July 21 Friday Ketchikan Alaska…   We had both awakened very early…   ordering coffee from room service… watching the forests go by…   now 10:30… passing small fishing boats as we
enter the channel where Ketchikan is located…   The ship docked at about 11:0...

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Alaska, Part II
Wednesday July 19           Note... we are far from fast internet, so no photos... photos need fast internet...  The ship docked early in Haines, Alaska, a smaller very
Alaskan town.   Think Northern Expose... I suspect that for Holland
America, this is an ...

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Alaska, 2017, part 1
Saturday, July 15 th   The Journey Begins… That morning I get up early, finish most of my packing,
work on the drip irrigation, attempting to give my garden a fighting chance on
survival while I am away… I go to work… check in with the volunteers, then

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From Desert to High Sierra… A road trip (part 2) Yosemite in a Day, and the drive home.
The trip’s original plan was simply to get away for a few
days together, to see how we traveled together, and to introduce Gael to
Yosemite…   And this would be her first
time in the Valley… John Muir’s Valley of Light, Ansel Adam’s muse in Black and

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From Desert to High Sierra, part 1...
From Desert to High Sierra… aka from Las Vegas to Yosemite
and return via Death Valley… A road trip (part 1) Gael and I are exploring… our relationship, the world, each
other…  This had lead to a short road trip… in part a test… how do
we get along when on ...

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North to Carson and return… A weekend road trip
Late Wednesday Evening: Henderson Nevada (aka “home”) This weekend there is a railroad history conference in
Carson City, so early tomorrow, I will first go to my weekly Rotary meeting,
then stop by work, then drive north… north from Boulder City pausing to...

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Blogging again and travel planning with a firend
After a period whence I spent a sedentary life, ignoring the blog, resetting
my life, building a house and home, resetting expectations, I am once again
thinking of travel… The blog may benefit… Two day from now I will hit the road, heading for points

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Learning to garden in the desert…
The desert is an extreme environment… hot, dry, and possibly
the worst, windy… not a breeze, a severe hot dry wind that tears at leaves and desiccates
all…  There are plants, local plants that have adapted to “the
place” but as a human, there are plants tha...

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Winter thoughts
Winter has descended on Southern Nevada…    It’s a cold grey day…   with a high of 47 degrees today… but the it
will top 60 all next week… Reports from the north suggest there is snow in Carson City,
more in Reno and lots more on Donner Pass…   Here in the ...
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