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Gross domestic product 2015
Ranking Population Country (Millions US dollars)

USA 1 321,418 United States 18,036,648
CHN 2 1,371,220 China 11,007,721
JPN 3 126,958 Japan 4,383,076
DEU 4 81,413 Germany 3,363,447
GBR 5 65,138 United Kingdom 2,858,003
FRA 6 66,803 France 2,418,836
IND 7 1,311,050 India 2,095,398
ITA 8 60,802 Italy 1,821,497
BRA 9 207,847 Brazil 1,774,725
CAN 10 35,851 Canada 1,550,537
KOR 11 50,617 Korea, Rep. 1,377,873
AUS 12 23,781 Australia 1,339,141
RUS 13 144,096 Russian Federation 1,331,208
ESP 14 46,418 Spain 1,199,057
MEX 15 127,017 Mexico 1,143,793
IDN 16 257,563 Indonesia 861,934
NLD 17 16,486 Netherlands 750,284
TUR 18 78,665 Turkey 717,880
CHE 19 8,286 Switzerland 670,790
SAU 20 31,540 Saudi Arabia 646,002
ARG 21 43,416 Argentina 583,169
SWE 22 9,798 Sweden 495,624

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Before I get a large number of trolls saying see Obama.... Well if you look at the years after he got the banking crises under control and incomes started to normalize again the curve basically levels off for the fist time since the Clinton year.

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I thought this was a much needed counterweight to what we are seeing coming down from the White House.

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In 2009 we celebrated electing a great leader. Today we morn the lost opertunities of the next four years.

I would just like to let the world know that only 18% of America voted for Trump. Sadly only a bit more then 18% voted for Hillary. Those math majors out there know that leaves around 64% that did not participate. Of the 18% that voted for Trump most are not racists, bigots, etc. but wanted to send a message to Washington that they are angry. So please to my friends around the world do not think so poorly of Americans and think that we endorse Trump. Please, Please we have not all gone crazy.

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Agreed. to add to this article, when did it become a bad thing to be for assisting immigrants from a war torn region of the world? Germany has taken on immigrants from Syria at an historic rate and we shiver, quake, and quiver over a small fraction of what they have done. When did we become the nation of cowards. Yes there is risk just as when I sleep over with the homeless there is risk but if we turn our backs on the needy what does that say about us as a people. Christians should be outraged at this sort of behavior but instead many are willing to compromise there Christian values based on lies. It is all truly a shame and sad to watch.
"Let’s make clear what the 2016 presidential election isn’t about:

It is not about choosing between a bad candidate and a worse one. The narrative that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils is patently wrong. Ms. Clinton is a pragmatic, tough-minded woman of accomplishment and political conviction with a demonstrated mastery of policy. She is politically flawed. However, Donald Trump is a damaged human being."

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Friday night Jazz Highlight.

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If you love guitar watch this video. 
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