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Chameleon | Your New Android Home Screen. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.
Chameleon | Your New Android Home Screen. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.

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Kickstarter and pre-order users, if you are looking for the Free apk on the Play Store, read this.

Version 2.0.5 was release last night. Addresses app tray going blank as well as adding SSL security to Chameleon sever interactions.

We pushed out some widget updates last night. If you close Chameleon and start it up again the updates will get pulled.

No calendar won't be fixed yet.

PSA: We are seeing a lot of server load that is occasionally taking our domain offline on spikes. We are investigating solutions.

Minor updates for Chameleon based on auto-feedback and vocal feedback publishing now. V2.0.2

Added a fix to deal with people getting the "Wrong Version" screen in error in 2.0.1. Facebook authentication method also got tweaked.

We are working on fixes for calendar, Facebook and the phone only versions desire to suddenly not like your device anymore.

If Chameleon 2 is crashing when you try to authenticate widgets, version 2.0.1 will fix that. Update should be available now via Play.

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Just pushed the new Chameleon 2 site live -

In Chameleon 1.0 each Dashboard page represented 1 context. In 2.0 Context is king. Each context owns a dashboard with up to 5 pages on the phone and 7" tablets. Up to 3 screens on 10" tablets.

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The phone version of Chameleon 2 is live on Play for $2.99. This version works on phones only. The regular Chameleon Launcher will work on both tablets and phones.
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