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I'm looking for a designer/writer to work with me on a new story game. I have an idea and an artist I want to work with, but not enough time to develop a game by myself right now. So if you're interested in working on a manga flavored romantic comedy style game similar to GxB please let me know. Serious enquirers only, please.

Here's the pitch:

The Students of Atarashi high school are putting on a production of a classic play... with a twist! All the male roles will be played by girls, and the female roles with be played by boys! Find out if leads Umi and Takahiro will fall in love in the crossplay comedy game!
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I would love to break in on a project like this and from a writing side I am confident I could deliver, but I am guessing you would prefer previous game development experience?
Everyone: Thanks. I'm considering.

Ben: My usual deal. probably an even split after costs.
Thanks for the interest everyone. I've made my choice.
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