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Courtney Saffron (Two Looks One London)
A fashion and beauty blog by two cousins from London.
A fashion and beauty blog by two cousins from London.

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Saffron: Bloom
T-shirt: Primark Skirt: H&M Bag: Mango Shoes: Vans Sunglasses: Missoni Necklaces: Pandora Hi all, really quick one here I have been loving this skirt from H&M it is so comfy and will definitely work when it gets a bit colder here in London. It's made out of...

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Courtney: The ZARA Sale > My Bank Account
The ZARA sale totally disrespected my bank account. Left it bruised and battered. Took a aluminium baseball to its knees and crippled it. But hey I got some amazing pieces at bargain prices so I'm happy! Lool. It makes a change, my bank account being abused...

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Saffron: Back at it again
Bomber: ASOS T-shirt: Primark Culottes: Bershka Trainers: Puma Bag: Zara So back at it again with the blogging. Life has been happening and blogging took a back step but we are back now so look out for some fun stuff happening. These were taken a few weeks ...

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Courtney: Vintage Bomber Part Three
Jacket: Vintage Dress: ASOS Trainers: New Balance Bag: Primark Sunglasses: Aliexpress Choker: Aliexpress Rings: H&M Yeaahh... my bag is open in that last pic.
You can tell my blogging game is rusty, that is a rookie mistake! And please
excuse my overbloated...

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Courtney: Awkward...
Hmm.. Well.. coughs Erm, this is awkard. But... ...Right? Shirt: New Look Bodysuit: ASOS Pants: Aliexpress Sandals: eBay & DIY Sunglasses: Aliexpress Choker: Aliexpress Clutch: New Look Yes, peeps we are back. I feel really awkward and pretty embarrassed ...

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Saff: Sun
Jumpsuit: TK Maxx Bag: Primark Shoes: H&M Cardigan: Topshop Hi all, I'm loving jumpsuits at the moment they are just so easy to wear well until you need to pee. These pictures were taken a while ago hence the sun, I'm looking forward to autumn now one of my...

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Saffron: Casual Days
Jacket: Primark Shirt: ASOS Jeans: Primark Bag: Topshop Shoes: Primark Hi guys, it feels like a long time since I posted. I have been travelling through Japan and Thailand. So thats where I disappeared to, if you wanna to see some of the pictures I took whi...

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Courtney: Dope
Swimsuit: Choies Jacket: New Look Jeans: Vintage Sandals: eBay Bag: Vintage Belt: ASOS Sunglasses: eBay Necklace: Accessorize I think these pictures are more than a year old :s. I still have all these items though (I'm a hoarder lol).  This outfit is so 90'...

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Courtney: Orange New Balance Trainers
Hat: H&M Blazer: Urban Outfitters Top: ASOS Skirt: Primark Trainers: New Balance via Schuh Bag: Vintage Necklaces: eBay, Primark, New Look Sunglasses: eBay Earrings: Topshop Lipstick: Barry M Lip Liner in Plum (11) I wore this to the pub to celebrate my Unc...

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Courtney: Silver Trousers Part Three
Top: Topshop Trousers: River Island Shoes: Office Clutch: River Island Sunglasses: eBay Necklace: Primark Belt: Primark Rings: H&M I think this is my favourite outfit out of the silver trouser trio. It's the type of outfit that if you tried to explain it to...
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