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Where Do You Get Your Protein?
As a plant eater I’ve been asked this more times than I can
count. I’ve never really had a good answer. Typically my answers have been “I
think protein is overrated”, or “Plants have all the protein you need”, or “The
same place gorillas, elephants, horses,...

Had a pretty good run today. Wanted to break 1 hr 30 min for half marathon (13.1 miles). According to my Garmin I did. However general consensus is the course was almost a 1/2 mile too long so finished in 1:30:20. Still I left everything out on the course, gave it all I had, that's the best I can ask of myself. Got my work cut out for me if I'm going to meet my goal of breaking 3 hrs at Tucson. Based of this run, my current fitness puts me between a 3:05 and 3:10 marathon. Got about 7 weeks to get that down. It will be close!

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Idirtarod 200
Normally after finishing an event that I focused on for
almost a year I find myself a little bit depressed.  For me the journey is every bit as awesome as
the event itself. I love training hard while having a goal to keep me motivated
and honest on the rare...

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Nice Climb of the Incline today with Roswitha. I think this was only her third time.
Incline Roswitha 09AUG 15
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A happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday Lady!
This past July, marked the fourth year that Lady has been part of our family. When we got her, they told us they thought she was about 11 months old. We settled on 8/8 as her birthday. Our Lady is five years old, now.

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I cannot thank everyone enough for your generous and incredible support for our Burning River for Ben initiative. It was a success in every way. We completed the run and more importantly surpassed our goal of raising $10,000 to help the kids and families going through this horrific period. Again thank you so much and I am so proud to have been part of this team effort and to know so many people with generous hearts to help a great cause. I've written up a summary of the Burning River Race experience. It was truly a team effort. There is no way I could have completed this run without our incredible crew consisting of Rose DeWitt, Beth Kaiser, and Chris O Daniel. Crew members that kept me on track Alex O'Daniel, Pallav Kumar, Ben Frederick, Jarred, and Ben O'Daniel himself. It was an awesome experience. Thanks.

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Burning River for Ben: We Did It!!!
Pallav, Ben F, Larry, Ben, & Alex at the Finish I have to say the Burning River 100 was WAY harder than I
thought it would be. Several sections of relentless short steep climbs with
short steep descents over tangles of roots and technical trails took its to...

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Burning River for Ben: Just One Week Away!
Max my bestest training buddy in the whole world! As anyone that has been following my blog knows, just one week from today I will embark on the
Burning River 100 running race to support kids and families suffering with childhood cancers and blood disorders...
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