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Check out our NEW WEBSITE! Need a lawyer? Look no further!

To consult with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer who will listen to your concerns and work closely with you to reach the best long-term solutions to your divorce concerns, contact attorney Freyberg online, or call 321-459-2994.

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About Law Brevard - Quality Legal Representation

Attorney Freyberg spent over 17 years working in family court and several years counseling juvenile offenders before turning to the practice of law. As a former intake officer, juvenile officer, domestic relations officer and counselor, he is thoroughly familiar with the operation of the family courts, and he brings to every client a broad and unique perspective on his or her case.
In addition, he has been a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem for Brevard County since 2000, representing the interests of children in hearings before the Florida Dependency Court. He is also a Certified Supreme Court Family Mediator, a trained and court-approved Parenting Coordinator, and a trained and experienced practitioner of collaborative law.
For more information about attorney Daniel J. Freyberg and his accomplishments, visit our website.

Daniel J. Freyberg
Representing Family Law Clients In Brevard County

To consult with an experienced lawyer about your family law matter,
contact attorney Daniel J. Freyberg in Merritt Island, Florida online, or call 321-459-2994.

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Areas of Practice we cover:

- Divorce Attorney
- Family Law Attorney
- Family Mediation Lawyer
- Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer
- High-Asset Divorce Attorney
- Property Division Attorney
- Parental Relocation Attorney
- Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer
- Modifications and Enforcement Attorney
- Paternity Attorney
- Child Support Attorney
- Alimony Attorney
- Sole Custody Attorney

For more information contact Daniel Freyberg, or visit the website:

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Contact Brevard County Divorce Attorney Daniel J. Freyberg

To consult with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer who will listen to your concerns and work closely with you to reach the best long-term solutions to your divorce concerns, contact attorney Freyberg online, or call 321-459-2994.

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Q: How long does a divorce usually take in Florida?
A: The length of time a divorce takes in Florida primarily depends on the parties, sometimes their attorneys, and the scope of the action. In an uncontested divorce, wherein the parties have settled all issues, once all of the necessary paperwork is completed it may be finalized in as little as four or five weeks. A contested divorce generally takes much longer.  Just to get through the initial pleading stage can take five to six weeks.  Then there follows the discovery stage, which takes approximately 6 more weeks, although it is not uncommon for it to take longer.  Then it can take weeks to get to mediation.  If issues are not resolved at mediation, it is a waiting game to get on a court docket for trial.  In Brevard County, it is not uncommon for it to take over a year to get to trial.

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Q: How do I start divorce proceedings in Florida?

A: In order to get a divorce in Florida, you must first meet the 6 month residency requirements and the petitioning party must attest that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Then a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage must be filed with the court, outlining any claims for things like child support, custody, alimony, and division of assets and liabilities, etc. Once filed, the other spouse is served with the papers and the court process will begin.

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Q: How is child support calculated in Florida?
A: Florida law is very detailed regarding the calculation of child support.  You can easily find on the Clerk of Court's website, the Florida Supreme Court website, and numerous other sources, a child support guidelines worksheet.  The principal information needed to make a calculation is:  gross income of both parties, lawful deductions available to both parties, the time-sharing plan of the parties (meaning specifically the number of overnights with each parent), the cost of health and dental insurance for the children, and the cost of daycare for the children.  It sounds simple, but I have found that most people (and many attorneys) get it wrong.  I recommend having an experienced family attorney calculate child support for you prior to making any agreement for support and prior to going to court regarding child support.

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Q: How is alimony calculated in Florida?

A: The purpose of awarding alimony is to address a financial inequality between the spouses, and to ensure that the partner who has less income and assets has the means by which to begin a new life. The simple formula used is need vs. ability to pay.  There is no set mathematical formula.Q: How is alimony calculated in Florida?

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