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David Boshko

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I'm leaning towards buying this but would like to hear a bit about the skill system, I'm always curious about how OSR games approach skills. Quick bit of info/example of something concrete would be appreciated.
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Well, the actual checks to do something (task resolution, you could say) are based on rolling a D20, adding a relevant attribute, and if you have a skill/special ability adding that.  If you get a bonus to what you are trying to do because of training (that is, from a class or background skill, rather than an attribute) you can choose to take a 10.
But its very much more a freeform thing than than what you see in later-edition D&D games. You could say its at that halfway point, it gives some structure, without that structure being stifling.  Similar to how DCC does skills, actually, if that helps, though just a little more defined.
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David Boshko

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It's my son's 4th birthday today and it got me thinking about running D&D for him in a few years. So, what kind of rules do you think would be best for an adult running D&D for kids? I'm leaning towards DM as a black box (i.e. player knows virtually no rules and just says what (s)he does and the DM translates that into game terms).
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