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Likes pretty much everything that involves kaiju
Likes pretty much everything that involves kaiju

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One day a UFO (unidentified flying organism, not object) that looked like a turtle shell, crashed into a forest on an Island. The first thing it noticed was a giant mountain that looked like a skull, then it saw something small run by. It was a dinosaur... but the thing didn't do anything to it because the dinosaur hadn't done anything bad.

Then it saw a giant ape holding the dinosaur and was about to kill it, the now, not UFO but more of a MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) roared in anger at the ape, and dashed toward to grabbing the innocent dinosaur and setting it down gently and the little guy went on its way (in the opposite direction of the ape)

A group of people happened to see the two monsters and one shouted "King Kong, Gamera!" Gamera was unhappy and when Kong turned around to walk away, Gamera emitted a blast of fire on the apes back.

Kong whipped around, ran at Gamera and punched him in the face. But Gamera just stood there, unimpressed........ During that fight, next to the Island some of the water went light blue and bubbled, and a lizard creature rose up (now we all know who im talking about so ill call him by his name)

After destroying stuff on the Island and in the village, Kong and Gamera saw Godzilla. Kong ran first and jumped at Godzilla, but Godzilla threw him off and stomped on him unimpressed.

Gamera flew at Godzilla but before impact, Godzilla smacked Gamera the way Kong was with his tail, right when King Kong got up a flying turtle smacked him onto the ground, and Godzilla left.

King Kong and Gamera just looked at each other......... 

Half of my battle ship lands by the WWZ Base with nothing inside it

I found a nest....

We have a problem...... +ivana belic+Shin Godzilla+Kiryu 2002+Cody Shin goji's son​

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This is the newest weapon to take down the zilla army!

Who's ready for a YouTube attack?
Comment if your ready and I'll give the link in the morning

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This is supposed to be the Legendary Gidorah!?!??!


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The battle of the ages
10 seconds into a melee match between shin and legendary
Animated Photo

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Godzilla vs Kong
Godzilla has atomic breath, atomic pulse and, red spiral ray. He gains the electric charged atomic breath
Kong has electric powers like in 1962
Setting: Skull island
They are the same size
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King Kong

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What?, its okay to have a little fun
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