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Connecting The Dots Around The World
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Sunday is the 15th Anniversary of 9-11

How are you different today from that day?

Where were you when the planes hit?

9-11-01 7:00 am I was getting ready to go to an 8 am real estate new build walk through and was devastated.

Called to see if the buyer and builder wanted to cancel... The answer was "no" so I had to go. Our daughter was supposed to be going on a class trip to climb a 14er and so I told her what had happened while she was in the shower.

The walk through was hard to concentrate on. After the walk through we went to breakfast with the buyers and we all cried together and held hands thinking about the attack on our country and way of life.

Reflecting now, it's hard to articulate the meaning of this tragic event. First and foremost, I cherish first responders. They all have my respect and admiration. I sincerely appreciate what they give up to put the public first each and every day.
I think about the families of everyone and how their sharing of the experience has touched us all.

I ponder the stories of those who were late to work and for some reason were not in harms way.

Watching the unfoldment of the new memorial showed new meaning for "World Peace."

The attacks on Paris, Madrid, Brussels, California, Turkey and more all remind us that we may not be demonstrating "World Peace."

Each time there is a new attack there is an awakening to awareness of the evil that lurks below.

We can only make a difference one person at a time, loving our neighbors far and wide. Treating others the way we want to be treated and reaching out with kindness.

It's interesting that 9-11 can be translated into 911 which is the international code for help.

One of the most powerful citations in the Bible with reference to protection is the 91st Psalm. The 1st verse starts out... He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. .... That is 91:1

Interesting thought for us to "live in" the secret place of the most High and when we do we will abide under the Almighty.

I hope that each one reading has a secret place in thought where you can go to feel the strength and power of the Almighty.

We can all make a difference trying to live our highest sense of right by not judging, criticizing or condemning anyone. It's not our job and when we simply Love our neighbors we make the world a better place.

I sincerely hope we all find peace as we share memories of 9-11-01.
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Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there and all those who fill those Father shoes!

Have a beautiful day! #FathersDay2016
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Thank you to all our service men and women.
You are LOVED and appreciated!
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Transition Living Around The World 

The Transition Living Real Estate Team™  shares ideas in Episode #2 on how to make a cross country move easy!

The move to a new location, after years of living in one part of the country, can be overwhelming with what to keep, what to sell, how the closing works connecting with the new location and how the physical move will take place.

Our Guest, Nancy Harrison CS, from Signal Mountain, Tennessee will explain some of the issues her family was having with making a major move from Alaska to Tennessee for her parents. 

We will start with a simple outline of all the parts of the transaction that need to connect and work though them one at a time with different options.

1.  The decision to move and where

2.  Purchasing the replacement location & Pre-qualifying

3.  Who is available to help with the move

4.  Organizing the move... Remember you only need 1 of everything in your kitchen.

5.  Deciding what to keep and move.. If you don't LOVE it.. don't keep it! Organize all the "MOVE" items in one area of the home.

6.  Everything you don't LOVE have in a separate area for an estate sale company to come and look at.  Remember the work it will take to sell used items one at a time.  Garage sale prices do not add up quickly. If listing the home have a list with everything you are going to sell with space for phone number of lookers so even if they don't buy the house they can buy some of your treasures. 

7.  Timing for the movers... if you can stay in your existing home till the movers show up just get into "camping mode" Once they have picked up your belongings you can get on the plane or in the car and meet them at the new address.

8.  Closing via mail or simultaneous closing.  If you are not in a position to purchase a replacement home prior to selling your home the closing must be coordinated and a 3-5 day rent back might be needed depending on the access to the new home.  Pre-planning is very important with the real estate agents working together to connect all the dots with the least amount of inconvenience for both the buyer and seller.

9.  Have the Estate sale after you have vacated the home and hire someone to final clean the home.  OR have the estate/garage sale with the  things you are shipping in the garage or locked rooms before you vacate. Hire a company that will remove everything that did not sell.

10.  Having a family member helping you on the plane will take off a lot of the moving pressure.  If they come in early they can help with the packing and sorting. 

11. Camping in the replacement home.  If your belongings will take time in arriving  you can camp with family, in a motel or in the new house.  If         family is close they may have an extra bed you can use till your things      arrive or you can buy a bed and have delivered after testing the new          bed you want with a National company and have the local company          deliver to your new home. You might want to buy all new furniture... make it fun.. make it fit exactly like you want it.  

12.  Make a list of staples you need at the grocery store and have a family member get the for you or a concierge service deliver them. You can always go to the store the next day

13.  Enjoy the journey.. it is the beginning of a "New Purpose" and "New Memories" have a choice to make it fun and exciting!  

As the transition takes place "lean"  is the state of mind you need to be in.

Select what you want to keep and move.  Your house will be a mess but just take one room at a time.. purging and keeping ONLY WHAT YOU LOVE.  Then have family and friends come and take what they want before you start selling.
Don't feel bad about asking the person that gave you something special if
 they would like it back.  You can't move everything, so let them know how much you enjoyed it but want them to have it back if they would like to enjoy it as you move on. 

Take digital photos of anything you might miss and make a printed book of your treasures you can look at anytime you feel blue about missing them.

Once you have worked though the "separation anxiety" of purging your STUFF you will feel light and free to enjoy the new life you have ahead.

For more Transition Living Real Estate Team™ ideas on making any transition, subscribe to the Real Estate youtube channel
Great tips and tricks to have fun while changing locations in life!  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Real Estate. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Transition Living Real Estate Team™ Episode #2 Connecting the Cross Country Move
Fri, April 1, 12:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Hope you had a beautiful #LaborDay Weekend 2016!
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Surrounding the world and all at #Olympics2016 in Rio with Love and Peace!
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Another wake up call!
We MUST Love our neighbor.. .all neighbors.. we change the world one act of kindness as a time.
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Hope your 4th ROCKED!
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Let's unite in moving forward, making a difference.. one neighbor at a time.. thinking global acting local.. going ‪#‎glocal‬ with loving thoughts and behavior modification ‪#‎OrlandoUnited‬ #OrlandoStong
#KidsNeedToKnow Graphics by Colorado 9 and 10 year old
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To those who are Mother's
To those who share Mothering qualities!
Have a beautiful Day!
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Connecting The Dots Around The World taking life lessons from the experience.
Cosmic Cow Pie...Connecting The Dots Around The World is the next book release in the Cosmic Cow Pie Series. 

Carra Riley and her husband took a journey of a lifetime around the world, stopping at 14 countries and immersed in the culture to come up with Rules from around the world. 

Each Rule present stories, and pictures of ideas that can reduce stress and create balance in life, connecting the dtos.  

The 18 Mile Rule came from Manaus, Brazil where the meeting of the waters created a graphic description of how long it takes for different temperatures, velocity and density to mix to become one.  Applied to people and groups this rule can make a life changing impact on behavior. 

The Taj Rule clearly shows how a building of love and it's architectural design can change the way communication takes place.  Agra, India Taj Mahal.

The Rainforest Rule shows how a strong a belief system can make the impossible, possible.  The Island of Dominica

For More information Cosmic Cow Pie

Start at the beginning and follow the blog! 

We had a fun game called "Where in the World is Carra Riley."

Watch for the release of the book "Cosmic Cow Pie.. Connecting The Dots Around The World" in mid 2012.
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Carra Riley or Cosmic Cow Pie