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Here is my ipad home screen. This may seem odd. But I tried on my facebook fanpage to have people share their ipad homescreens and it was just too cumbersome to really share as you can't respond with photos. Although this is Google, I don't care. I wonder how easy it is to share. So, those of you helping me test this, can you upload a photo response to this? Here's my ipad home screen. What does yours look like. (Let's learn and play with Google+ at the same time.)
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I took a picture of my ipad screen and transferred it to my laptop via photosync app... but now I cannot comment to you with a photo. I can post the photo to my stream, but I cannot "tag" you in the photo to direct your attention to it.
Are you posting photos directly from your iPad?
Did it... I was able to directly "tag" you in the post... instead of accepting to what's in the +Add more people I typed in your name. Oh, OH... if one types the + symbol and starts typing a tagging list appears!!
Bummer +Suzanne Boutot I thought that we could share pictures back here. OK, so we can't. I just uploaded that pic to my computer. Yes, the plus does that. I'm just trying to figure out the difference with pages and how that should work.
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