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JP Rangaswami

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It is only through adoption that we hear the tree of invention, of innovation, of disruption, make a sound as it falls
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JP Rangaswami

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Delighted to see what came in the post today. Perfect timing, I have a few days to listen to it properly 
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JP Rangaswami

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While at dinner yesterday, I heard about a particular scam that's doing the rounds, and felt I should really share it as far and wide as possible. A friend of a friend received a phone call. In the...
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JP Rangaswami

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A pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to read it
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JP Rangaswami

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When you talk about companies starting to put the customer 1st and then returning to their previous behaviour - I understand your point but have always recognised that there are two theories which explain it  (for me), Chaos Theory and Regression to Mean.
Chaos theory tells us that small changes are amplified throughout the system until they cause a deviation from the intended destination. As you have many layers of hierarchy within an organisation, you increase the number of people who have to 'touch' a process or the process of change - this increases the number of possible small changes to the original intention which enables rapid and escalating changes. 
As these changes get captured and recognised as deviations from the original intention set down by those at the top, people try to recover to the original intention - they sweep the decks and start again, in doing so the easiest place to start from is where from where you started - the regression to mean ( a bastardised concept I grant you). 
So the company has gone through a lot of pain, the diffusion of responsibility means no-one learnt a good lesson only bad ones (if we should not do this because it did not work) and returned to what is familiar and works for those in the status quo.
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JP Rangaswami

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A long post, possibly my last of the year. It all depends on your comments and reactions.
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JP Rangaswami

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worth it for Milteau's harmonica alone. approve whole-heartedly. Thanks a lot. If John Mayall had played Long Time Gone it would have sounded like this....
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JP Rangaswami

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Yesterday, when writing about The Mind Of The Customer, I touched upon why the practice of bundling irritates, even angers, customers. Bundling comes in many forms, not all of them enforced, not a......
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brackish calculators. calculaflotsam. hewlett packard wreckage strewn on the sea floor to explain a crazy commission scheme taken to its logical shipwrecked logical extension.
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Passionate about things I care about. My family. My church and community. My work. Books. Sixties and early Seventies music. Food. Cooking it, eating it. Information. Its creation, curation and consumption. Chillies. Crosswords.
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Done most of the things I wanted to do as a fourteen-year-old. Happy and contented.
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