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Pinterest Fan Page | News, Updates & Business
Pinterest Fan Page | News, Updates & Business
Pinterest Fan Page | News, Updates & Business


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please donate here to help Refugees in Europe - if you are not interested then that's fine - if you would like to help - please do!!!!
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PinThis is a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme that comes chock full of style and customisation options.

PinThis is a cutting-edge, masonry based, multi-purpose theme. 
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Pinterest for the Gmail Promotions Tab; That is what most are calling the new image grid view

To join the field trial click here -->

Everything you need to know about Gmail marketing right here -->  <-- by Chris Lang

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P1 RankMe

P1 RankMe is essentially a very high-end ranking tool that was originally intended for private use by serious Internet Marketers.
That’s why the regular price of this product is $299.95 per month!

But for a very limited time, the general public has access to this groundbreaking tool at $30-$50 price anyone can afford.

The limited time discount is a one-time payment which gives you a license that covers unlimited links to any blog it’s installed on.

Simply install and activate P1 RankMe on your website and configure the settings.
After this 5 minute process, P1 RankMe will be setup and working on auto-pilot.

In other words, all of the heavy lifting is done for you:

✓ Creating and setting up accounts for you.
✓ Creating up to 12 high quality backlinks daily per post and up to 1200 total backlinks daily.
✓ Rapidly ranking your web properties while you’re doing __(fill in the blank)__ instead.

And these social backlinks are not only powerful and relevant, but they are STRATEGIC and SAFE.

Speaking of safety, P1 RankMe maintains a natural distribution of links to your websites.
That means links are drip fed to your properties and it means links are distributed to web pages throughout your site; not just the home page!

Google has been repeatedly hinting at the rise of social signals and demise of regular backlinks and the results today speak for themselves.

Social signals have become a top ranking factor for both websites and videos. 

#seo   #seomarketing  
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Chris Lang Email Delivery Jedi 

64.2% of Your Emails Are BLOCKED, DELETED, Or FILTERED 
Out of Your Hot, Read-to-Buy Prospects Inboxes... 

Blow Up Gmail's Death Star Like An Email Jedi In 2015 Or
Be Trapped In The Trash Compactor On The Detention Level

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VidSplash is a brand new WordPress plugin created by Neil Napier and Alex Constant that monetizes YouTube videos created by other people using its proprietary splash technology.

With VidSplash, you can effectively run profitable video marketing campaigns inside or outside of Facebook.

In addition to getting sales through increased conversions, VidSplash is also highly effective in list building and includes autoresponder settings.

Videos have been the most profitable medium in online marketing since late 2013 and it has only gained momentum since then…

In 2015, video marketing is projected to EXPLODE!

And it’s products like VidSplash that take video marketing “outside the box” to maximize profits. In this case, by utilizing popular videos created by other marketers.

With VidSplash’s proprietary splash technology, your videos are guaranteed to convert in any market with any kind of traffic… 
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Hot Trends Domination

Discover How To Actually Be Able To Predict The Future And So Leave Your Competitors Choking In Your Dust As You Explode Your Sales, Profits And Happiness!

Read on to discover how simple it is to spot the 'next big thing' - and how you can cash in BIG TIME STARTING TODAY... 

#2015trends   #hottrends   #hottrendsdomination  
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16 plugins to help you communicate better with users :) enjoy
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Todd Gross is the man behind Explaindio Video Creator. He is a well known internet marketer, Video Marketing Expert and a Consultant for CNBC who creates stand up videos and custom pro voice overs.

He teaches people who are working in internet marketing field how to use video marketing strategies to grow their sites.

He has been “on camera” for most of his life on Television like CNBC, Boston and WHDH-TV.

What Is Explaindio Video Creator?

Explaindio Video Creator is a new video making software that will enable you to  instantly create  high quality videos that contain whiteboard sketch, full motion and animation video elements  for any type of business even if you don’t have video production skills.

It combines the two most successful video making software in 2014 (VideoMakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro 1, 2).

What Are Explaindio Video Creator Features?

With Explaindio Video Creator, you can easily and quickly create professional appearing whiteboard, animated and full motion HD videos.

It takes video maker fx that has pre-made animation built in and easy sketch pro that creates whiteboard sketch videos and combines both of them in one piece of software.

It comes with high definition video backgrounds that are enabled for all animations & whiteboard scenes.

You can create videos for any niche such as creating videos for health, fitness, etc.
Explaindio comes with classic whiteboard for all niches such as cleaning services.

You will be able to use Full HD video behind animations for business.
You can choose from 31 different sketch hands and huge characters library where you can pick parts to make your own sketch characters.

You can import slides from other video creation tools.
You can create videos to advertise local businesses and get clients.
It comes with a marketplace where you can get additional music, additional graphics and additional templates from professional designers.

You can create  high converting Product Review Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Promotion Videos, Training videos, Viral advertisement videos, Marketing videos and Video Sales Letters.
You will not need to spend your money to buy video templates
that don’t look nearly as professional as they should.

Creating professional appearing videos will lead to increasing the engagement with your current and future customers.
Explaindio software comes with complete pre-made projects and Premade slide packs.

It turns you from being a video novice into a highly experienced video creator in just a few minutes.
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