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Sgoil Ghàidhlig an Àrd-bhaile
The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax
The Gaelic Language Society of Halifax
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Mìos nan Gàidheal - Gaelic Month Programs at Halifax Public Libraries! See the schedule below.
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Registration is open for winter classes!

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Mark your calendars for the Clas is Cèilidh is Suipear na Nollaig San Ard À-bhaile! More information here:

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Fall, Winter, and Spring session information is now posted on the web site!


KitchenFest! Event at Central Library in Halifax featuring Wendy MacIsaac, Kyle MacDonald, Margie Beaton, David Rankin, Lewis MacKinnon and Brittany Rankin.

There will be Gaelic singing, fiddle tunes, and step dancing!

Halifax Central Library
Paul O'Reagan Hall
Wednesday, May 25 at 6:30 pm

Mìos nan Gaidheal Halifax Events

A partnership between Halifax Public libraries and Sgoil Ghàidhlig an Àrd-bhaile


Wednesday, May 4, 11:00 am             
Dathan naGàidhlig Colours of Gaelic
Have you ever heard of Là Buidhe Bealltainn -- Yellow May Day? Or what about a dearg amadan -- a "red fool"? Did you know that in Gaelic the grass is blue and oranges are yellow? Learn about the Gaelic colour spectrum and the role colour plays in Gaelic proverbs, expressions, place names and nicknames.

Kathleen Reddy, Central Library

Saturday, May 7, 2:30 pm                   
Dannsa-ceum – Step-dancing
Come and learn some traditional Cape Breton style steps. This non-competitive style of dancing is fun and great exercise.
Steps are done to the Strathspeys, Reels and Jigs and steps will be taught to these types of tunes.

Leanne Aucoin – Tantallon Library


Sunday, May 15, 2:30 pm           
A’ dannsadh – Square Dancing
An opportunity to learn the square dance basics with your family.  Lots of fun for all ages, great exercise and an opportunity to engage with traditional Gaelic style fiddling Square Dancing.

Wendy MacIsaac & friends - Alderney Gate Library

Tuesday, May 17, 6:30 pm         
Leigheasan na Dachaidh - Home Remedies
Some home remedies will be discussed as practiced by Gaels using common ingredients; though some may surprise you!!

Shay MacMullin –Woodlawn Library

Wednesday, May 18, 6:30 pm           
Fìdhlearachd ’na Stoidhle Gàidhealach  Gaelic Fiddling

A ceilidh with lots of Gaelic fiddling.

Leanne Aucoin - Woodlawn Library

Friday, May 20, 11:00 am         
An Luadhadh - Milling Frolic
Enjoy the tradition of a milling frolic with Mary and her friends as she demonstrates the tradition of shrinking newly woven wool as it comes off the loom.  Gaelic songs are sung in rhythm as the cloth is pounded on the table.  Today the milling frolic is performed for enjoyment as families can participate in Gaelic singing and meet Gaelic singers.  Srùbag (tea and oatcakes) provided. 

Mary MacLean & friends - Central Library

Saturday, May 21, 2:30 pm         
A’ dannsadh – Square Dancing
An opportunity to learn the square dance basics with your family.  Lots of fun for all ages, great exercise and an opportunity to engage with traditional Gaelic style fiddling Square Dancing.

Wendy MacIsaac & friends - Keshen Goodman Library

Wednesday, May 25, 6:30 pm          
Féis a’ Chidsin – Kitchen Fest         
A sampling of musical highlights of the annual Kitchen Fest taking place in Cape Breton during the ends of June and first week of July in various venues. 

Various artists TBA. Central Library, Paul O’Regan Hall      


Saturday, May 28, 10:00 am         
A’ snìomh agus  A’ fighe - Spinning and Weaving Demo
Spinning and weaving have long been an integral part of our heritage.  Come and interact with members of the Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers as they demonstrate the spinning and weaving process from fleece to finished product.  There will be a floor loom and a variety of spinning wheels in use, as well as a display of finished products and books.  Come, watch, ask questions and maybe even try your hand at this historic craft.

Atlantic Spinners & Handweavers. – Tantallon Library

Monday, May 30, 6:30 pm          
Na Gàidheil agus A’ seilbheachadh nan rudan Gàidhealach -  Cultural Appropriation
Exploring cultural stereotypes.

Lewis MacKinnon - Central Library

Tuesday, May 31, 6:30 pm         
Leabhar ’ga chur air bhog: Leabhar-iùil do
Thatùthan ’s a’ Ghàidhlig
Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook Book Launch

So you want to get a Scottish Gaelic tattoo to honour your family or roots, or because you’re in love with the language? The author will give a brief history of Gaelic in Nova Scotia and Scotland, show real-life examples of mistakes that people make when trying to get a Gaelic tattoo, and give tips on how to avoid common problems when incorporating Gaelic words or phrases into a tattoo design. The presentation will be followed by a book signing. During the event, Halifax Henna will provide free temporary henna art “tattoos” with Gaelic words recommended in the book.

Emily McEwan - Central Library

Gaelic Fiddling

Sunday, March 6th at 2 p.m.

Enjoy this “teaser” program to get you ready for May which is Gaelic Month in Nova Scotia! Gaels’ music is shared and passed between generations and enjoyed by many in our province. Leanne Aucoin, fiddler, step dancer, will share this musical expression by providing live music with a welcoming and interactive "ceilidh" feel. Come on out for a rich social and cultural experience and join in on the 20th Anniversary of Gaelic Month in our province!

In partnership with Sgoil Ghàidhlig an Àrd-Bhaile, Gaelic Language Society of Halifax, and Gaelic Affairs Division, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

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The Spring class schedule is posted on the web site!

Please reserve Sunday, March 6 at 2:00 pm at the Halifax Central Library for a Gaelic Fiddling session with Leanne Aucoin and friends. More details to follow.
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