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The moon sun over Fairbanks today

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Shortest Day of the Year in Fairbanks, Alaska
How many hours of daylight we had today? Only 3 hrs and 41 mins. The shortest day of the year in Fairbanks, cold and dark. The sunrises at 10:59 am and sunset at 2:40 pm. Winter solstice makes me happy because I know that starting tomorrow we will gain dayl...

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Bleed to Death
The first frost yesterday made my begonia bleed to death!

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Stair Climbing during lunch time
I love spending my lunch time here, everyday is different.  I love getting  at least 15 minutes of climbing up and down the stairs during my lunch time. The short time I've been spending here makes a big difference to me, mentally and physically. I feel mor...

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Patriotic Wasp Hive
I had this by my garage door, a patriotic wasp hive. I saw there was no wasp in it so I took it down before they come and make it bigger and live on it. I'm just looking out after my boy. It is very colorful though.

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In bloom
White flowering tress are blooming

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A to Z Challenge Reflection
I survived the challenge but I'm not that happy with it because I didn't get to really participate. I wasn't able to post for about a week and catching up wasn't easy and no fun and I didn't really get to visit other bloggers blog. So, I learned my lesson t...

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Zipline in Seven Falls, Lake Sebu
Our trip to Lake Sebu indeed up ziplining in Seven Falls. It was a blast. The Seven Falls zipline is the highest zipline in the Philippines with 590 feet high. It took two thrilling rides to reach the end. The first ride is 2427 feet long and the second rid...

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Xtra Special
I don't have anything for A to Z blog challenge for X so here it is, xtra special. These pictures were taken from Kalinga Province, Philippines.  
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