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Oh! And Coach has us run the 25 in 5. It was my first time ever trying it, I think I went out of bounds a couple times (this will only improve with practice and once I have a better idea of actual boundary lines), but I made it 23.5 in 5. Damn proud of myself!

Practice tonight was awesome. Coach had us split off for a scrimmage, then our Captain decided I was going to jam. cue deer in headlights look. I totally did it though, and it was awesome. We went through 3 rounds (only 1 as jammer though). So my 1st scrimmage was also my first jam. Holy shit. <3

Practice was awesome tonight. Wednesday's should be good too.

Back to work tomorrow. Today was a restful day full of good food. Just exactly what I needed.

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+Megan L. +Erin Woodworth this is still one of my favorites: The Count Censored

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I don't know if it's just because I've been on another one of my Wicked kicks, but I'm feeling a strong connection with Elphaba lately.

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