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GPS Status

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A new beta version is available for the testers on the play store. Please share your issues here.

This a heavy rewrite of the UI so test it through.

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Hey Nexus guys! You're not alone. I'm running out the contract on my Galaxy s2. If I want to use GPS these days, I have to restart the phone. Before- I get nothing... After- I get  9 satellites locking right up. You might try that in a pinch. And if anyone knows a fix for the Samsung.. Please, by all means! Speak up!
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GPS Status

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Hi everyone,

another beta today (4.3.85). I have rewritten the sensor code to use fused data if the device supports it (i.e. the compass will now use all sensors (magnetometer, accelerometer and the gyroscope) if available.) This should solve the jumpiness of the compass in the recent build. Also it should work with CM11 and other AOSP builds on Galaxy S4.

Please report any regressions, jumping compass, slow refresh rate etc.

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It should, but here it is.

You must join this community of course.
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GPS Status

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A new test version (4.3.79) was published to Play Store. It should appear shortly. This is a collection of bugfixes for KitKat related issues.

- Compass was broken on Galaxy S4 with KitKat (Google Play edition ROM (and CM) does not implement the ORIENTATION sensor!)
- Signal strength was not shown in the notification area on KitKat.
- Fix for disappearing notification on Nexus 7 / KitKat
- Map URL fix for Google Maps 7+. Now uses q=lat,lon format again. 

Please let me know if you find regressions. Just drop a comment here. Thanks a lot.
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+Per Bækgaard  Should be working now. You can send also email. Thanks for reporting.
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GPS Status

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Hello all,

I've just uploaded a new test version (4.3.78) to Play Store. Will be available soon. 

- NEW Cloud backup support for settings and locations. Your settings will be restored on your newly installed devices.
- NEW: option to display dedicated launcher icon for Radar screen.
- FIX: Map URL fix for Google Maps 7+. Now uses q=@lat,lon format instead of q=loc:lat,lon 
- FIX: Layout fixes for the Edit Target dialog.
- FIX: You can now use comma (,) too, instead of decimal point during location entry. This workaround was needed because the default Samsung keyboard did not allow typing a period in that field.
- FIX: Satellites without valid position data are no longer shown.
- FIX: Time is now printed as 12:43pm instead of 0:43pm 
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GPS Status

Announcement  - 
GPS Status 4.2 is ready to be released. Please join the testing program and subscribe to the "beta channel".

What's new in 4.2:

- FIX: Workaround for Nexus S issues.
- FIX: aGPS age is correctly displayed now (in hours / days).
- FIX: Fixed a rounding error in location formatting.
- FIX: More instruments for Nexus 7.
- NEW: Enhanced landscape layout. All instruments are available in landscape mode, too!
- PRO: Sensor filters applied to the pressure value (less jumpy readings). 
- PRO: Pressure is showing now the change direction.
- PRO: New sensors (at the moment only Galaxy S4 supports them) - ambient temperature, relative humidity. Will turn your phone into a miniature wheather station!
- PRO: Additional calculated values based on temperature and humidity: absolute humidity, dewpoint, humidex (subjective temperature).

After joining the community, you can subscribe for testing here:

And finally go to the Play Store page and manually click the 'Update' button:
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+Lake Hoo You may access us on
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GPS Status

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The new 4.1 version is out on Play Store.

- FIX: General stability and speed improvements.
+ PRO: PRO related items are fully removed from the Preferences screen if the app is successfully registered.
+ PRO: Fixed minor rounding error when invoking a target from the Locations screen.
+ NEW: 'Background behavior' option on the Preferences screen: allows you to keep the GPS running while the device screen is off. 
+ NEW: When a GPS application is running, it is possible to start GPS Status from the notification monitor. GPS Status will not lose the fix and pressing the back button in GPS Status leads back to the original program without losing the fix either. This will save at least 5s for you on each use.
+ NEW: GPS is held a bit longer between screen changes. It is now possible to change screens without restarting the GPS lock process.
+ NEW: Using HOLO theme on Android 3.0+ devices.
+ NEW: Updated icons.
+ NEW: Notification monitor icon is now showing the rough GPS signal quality.
+ NEW: At the start, the application will not redirect to the Locations settings screen if the GPS is disabled. It will run fine with disabled GPS.
+ NEW: Added %error% to the share template.
+ NEW: Added support for Barcode Scanner PRO.
+ NEW: The default name of the target now contains the date, too.
+ NEW: To report an inappropriate ad to Google, do a right-left-right-left swipe in a single gesture on the advertisement.
- FIX: Workaround for stuck notification monitor problems.
- FIX: Screen orientation change will not restart the GPS lock and the compass calibration process.
- FIX: Better handling of GPS enabled/disabled event.
Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, a...
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Soi asta ora un hombre felix dando le lienpo al tienpo amen sino tanbien
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GPS Status

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I just want to clear a bit of confusion regarding the new notification monitor feature:
As strange as it sounds, the monitor feature DOES NOT use the GPS at all. It just hooks into the data path between the GPS and any other application. Whenever some app accesses the GPS, the monitor appears and displays the data the application will receive from the system.

In this sense the monitor feature cannot open the GPS on its own and cannot draw extra power (besides of course the CPU usage needed to draw the text on the screen IF you happen to open the notification shade and watch the numbers changing :) )

So, be sure to use it if it does not bother you visually. It was designed to give you quick access to GPS Status whenever an app happens to use the GPS. This way you don't have to quit the app, start GPS Status, wait for the lock, quit GPS Status and finally start the app again. Just pull down the notification, tap on the monitor, wait for the fix and then press the back button and you will be back in the app you wanted to use originally...

If an app just uses the GPS from the background, the monitor will appear and it's easy to blame the monitor for that usage.

If you don't like this feature, you can turn off the notification monitor in the app's setting: GPS Status notification -> Never.

A good advise: Please, don't shoot the messenger ;)
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+GPS Status Ok, I'm not stupid but I'm pretty dumb when it comes to this type of stuff. In settings it asked what message to send when I share my location. Does that mean if I happen to need help or I'm in some sort of trouble, i.e. lost in the woods (either hunting or riding horses), I can share my location with the chosen message and whoever gets it will be able to locate me? Also, by downloading the App does this now mean I can be located by anyone, i.e. stalkers, police, etc.?!?? PLEASE REPLY Thx :)
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GPS Status

Announcement  - 
New version is out on the beta channel. Soon to be released.

- FIX: Screen orientation is now correctly calculated in landscape mode.
- FIX: Uses the ORIENTATION sensor for better compatibility.
- FIX: Pitch/roll is now working even on low-end devices without a magnetometer sensor.
- FIX: Use the * char to denote the ° ' and " character in the location edit dialog.
- NEW: New share template variables: %lat% and %lon%
- NEW: Compass is now working when speed is above 5km/h even on devices without a magnetometer sensor
- NEW: Translation updates.
GPS és szenzor adatok: pozíció, műhold jel erősség, hiba, sebesség, gyorsul...
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+Severi Salminen That is unfortunatley the limitation of the actual phone firmware.
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GPS Status

Announcement  - 
Hello dear testers,

I have released a new test version (4.3.84) on the beta channel.

Recent version of AOSP (KitKat) does not implement the ORIENTATION sensor that was used by GPS status for the compass and leveling tool. This means that a lot of devices with CM11 (and other custom firmwares) had non-functional compass and leveling tool. I have changed the sensor code to work around the missing sensor implementation, but the code is now new and untested.

Please test the new version and report here (or via email) if you see regressions with the compass or the level. It is essential to get feedback as I just cannot test all the 4000+ android devices on the market :)

Have fun with the test version,
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The responsiveness is greatly improved, +GPS Status. However, now it seems that sometimes the compass face and the needle become unlocked from each other. The compass needle will always rotate to point north, but the compass face will stay locked so that its north indicator always points to the top of the screen. So far, I haven't figured out how to reliably reproduce that one.
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GPS Status

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Dear GPS Status users, if you have a little time and you are interested in enhancing mobile location aware apps, please help my research fellow by filling out this survey. 
I would like to ask you for fill in a survey we have developed about mobility tracking applications for smart phones. It will take you only 10-15 minutes to complete and it will be of great help in our currently ongoing research.

Let me give you some general information about the survey. Mobility tracking applications have the goal of automatically recognising where you were and how did you get there  - i.e. which transportation modalities do you use. Such applications already exist on the market and they have different approaches to the recognition and especially the visualisation process. On the other side, our own experience with real users of such applications have shown that they have varying perceptions of the accuracy - e.g. for some showing a different, but close vehicle (e.g. BUS instead of CAR) is perfectly OK, while at the same miscalculating the travelled distance by only 5% is unacceptable.

This survey has been developed to analyse this human accuracy perception. It is anonymous and will be used to design and develop a new metric on human perceived accuracy for mobility tracking applications. 

If you which more information about the project and our initial results or would like to discuss the issue with us, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you very much for your time and effort! And here is the link to the survey:
Accuracy SurveyThis survey has the goal to help us developers of mobility tracking applications to better understand the needs of the users. As a user, you have a different perspective on the application and when it is performing according to your expectations and needs. Thus, please fill in the survey as a "normal user", considering your own needs and expectations.
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GPS Status

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Hello all,

I'm trying out the shiny new tools that Google announced last week. Early access testing is now available via the Play Store!

If you love the "bleeding edge" come and join the "GPS Status - testers" community and follow the instructions provided on the community page to receive final test versions of the app before they are released to the wild.

Please note that these versions are meant to be final and they should be considered 'stable'.
GPS Status - testers
Beta testing and discussion
View community
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Yes GPS status good
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GPS Status

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Steps to follow if you have a non-locking GPS:

- Menu / Tools / manage aGPS state.
- Select 'Reset' to clear the internal state of the GPS.
- Select 'Download' to re-download the assistance data from the internet.
- Close the application at least for 10 sec.
- Go outside and find a spot where large part of the sky is visible.
- Make sure to have the 'Keep the screen on' settings turned on (in Menu / Settings / Display & Tools'.
- Let the program run and try to acquire your GPS position for at least 15 minutes.

- If the above steps do not fix the GPS issue then most likely you have a hardware problem with the phone.
- Certain phone cases block the GPS signal (remove the phone from it if you are not sure.)
- Certain windshields may block the GPS signal inside cars (those that have metallic coating to keep out heat.)
- Certain phones (usually CDMA) turn off the GPS chip if you put the phone into flight mode
- If you travel a long distance without turning on the GPS (i.e. flight) you can expect much longer fix times at your destination initially.
- Obviously you cannot expect the GPS to work in your basement! (yes I'm serious)
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