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Some more information about our first guests...
Some friends and I are going to be running an experiment at +VC Office Hours Go follow that page right now!

We're going to be doing Hangout on Air sessions with prominent VC's and angel investors. In the next few weeks we'll get started with:

+John Lilly of Greylock Ventures
+Chris Dixon of Founder Collective
+Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners
+John Borthwick of Betaworks

For each session, we're hoping to find 6-8 interested and interesting entrepreneurs, students, or fans of tech investing to lob questions at the respective VC's. We'll do 30m or so sessions, that we'll broadcast and archive for posterity. We'll announce each VC session with an individual G+ post... and if you'd like to be part of the interview panel, you can respond in the comments. I'll select a group of panelists from those that self-nominate.

I expect this is going to be a lot of fun! Very open to suggestions and feedback as we explore what the community (and perhaps even the VC's) find valuable.

I'll announce the time and first guest soon!
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Interesting! Will this be US-only or an international experiment?
Please upload entire session to Youtube. Thanks.
can't expand the text to read all post #bug :P
but very interested in presenting our project

... following
Would be interested in asking a couple of questions to the panel. In the future for business growth most startups like ours need more funds for marketing / business development. Most of the times we have seen that even though we offer great products / solutions just because its not marketed well, it goes un noticed.
Very interesting, I'll be glad if you expand this experiment for non-US people, because here in Spain I meet with lots of entrepreneurs and wannabes, and it could be interesting hearing ideas from VCs and entrepreneurs from US. Also, I'd like to export the VC Office Hours model to Spain and LatAm to make ties between spanish-talk markets, using Google+ tools. Following!
How do you choose which entrepreneurs will get to be part of the conversation ?
I'd very much be interested in the John Borthwick Hangout as a guest -- I have a company I advise called that I think he is uniquely qualified to advise on. I'm a fan / user of Hangouts. Let me know -- goes to my G+.

My bio:
Mark Jeffrey is a serial technology entrepreneur and author. He has co-founded four internet companies and written three novels.

Most recently, Mark co-founded web television network with Jason Calacanis and comedian / actor Kevin Pollak. Investors included Sky Dayton, Matt Coffin and Jarl Mohn (founder of E! and Liberty Digital). Mark served as CEO from its inception in Jan 2010 until May 2011, during which time the company grew to 27 shows collectively getting 4 million views per month across iTunes, YouTube, Google TV and other online outlets. He also hosted or co-hosted the shows: This Week In Books, This Week In Cloud Computing, This Week In iPad, and This Week In Android. He remains Chairman of the Board.

From 2007 to 2010, Mark was the founding CTO of, Inc., a human-powered search and learning site backed by Sequoia Capital, CBS, News Corp, Elon Musk (Paypal) and others. He recruited a robust technology team from scratch and when he exited to ThisWeekIn, was one of the top 150 sites on the Internet.

Prior to this, Jeffrey co-founded a business social networking company ZeroDegrees, Inc. in 2002 and sold it to IAC/InteractiveCorp in 2004 with more than one million registered users. He was VP of Product, charged with building the tech team and leading product design.

His first company, The Palace, Inc., was backed by Time Warner, Intel and Softbank and sold to in 1998. The Palace was a popular avatar virtual world environment which had 10 million users at its peak.

He also was the co-founder and CEO of SuperSig, Inc. in 1999, which focused on app-like functionality embedded in email.

His novel, MAX QUICK: THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT, was published in hardcover and ebook by HarperCollins in May, 2011. The book was initially podcast as a series of episodic mp3's and received over 2.5 million downloads.

Mark Jeffrey holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire.
I'd be interested in participating in one of these interviews, e.g, with Chris Dixon. About me: Ilya Eckstein, founder/CEO of Magnifis (we build technology for understanding people).
I'd be very interested in this. I am a founder of (Foursquare for TV) and in the process of raising Seed money.
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