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Announcing +VC Office Hours next session. We're delighted to welcome founder, blogger, investor +Chris Dixon of Founder Collective. Chris will be joining us on Friday, May 11, at 8:30am PST. As with all of our events, this will be broadcast in real-time and archived for on-demand viewing.

Chris is a prolific investor and deep thinker. Expect a ton of provocative information and advice!

If you'd like to join us in the Hangout and ask Chris some questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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Are we limited to only one VC office hour session? Or can we hop into all of them if there is space? I want to choose wisely!
It would be really great if you guys could publish an iCal calendar for these.
+Alida Brandenburg Obviously you can watch as many as you like ;-) In terms of joining the session to ask questions, I'd love to mix it up a bit so we get a good flow of different perspectives. But there's no "limit" per se.
+Nuntuva Merecias This will be in English. If the program is successful, we can investigate doing Hangouts in other languages, and/or translations.
Also placing the great #hangoutsonair hastag will help :)
If there is a spot +Bradley Horowitz I would love to join in
Hey there! I'd love to join in on this hangout from India (9:30pm my time) and ask questions on international seed funding, Founder Collective, startups helping other startups and similar topics I'm intrigued by. Hope it's possible =)
+Bradley Horowitz +VC Office Hours What a fabulous idea for a series! I've always wanted to ask VC's what they think of this idea: Are young artists / musicians like myself start-ups? :) I know I do.
Loving this series idea, and planning a few things involving Google Hangouts myself! Would love to be involved in any way! I'm a veteran, a blogger, an entrepreneur, toy builder, website developer...
Hi, I would like to have Office hours with Chris. I am from Brazil, CEO of +Eventick
Eman Talei - Founder/CEO of If there is still room, I would like to join this session. Thank you for this great idea and opportunity.
founder of, a b2b platform for start ups to cross market their products. i would also like to hangout if there is still room for this one as well as future sessions.
And if there's still room, +Jenny Yoshizawa and I would be more than happy to join again so we can continue to chip away at our extensive list of questions. ;)
+Alida Brandenburg +Jenny Yoshizawa You guys were great! But I think I should mix it up a little, right? Let me see who turns up for this one, and if I get in a jam I'm gonna take you up on this. I'll let you know as soon as I can!
Absolutely! I didn't volunteer initially for that reason. Just wanted to let you know we are available in case you still need participants. :)
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