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Want to be on a panel with Chris Dixon this morning?

It's Friday morning and I still have a few spots open for this morning's +VC Office Hours with +Chris Dixon.

(Preference will be given to those that weren't on yesterday's panel.)

If you meet the criteria below, please leave a comment and we'll see about getting you on!


1) You must be available on Friday, May 11th, from 8:15-8:45am PST.
2) You must have equipment camera, microphone, computer, that has demonstrated it can successful work in Google+ Hangouts.
3) You must be in a place where you will have demonstrated sufficient bandwidth to be in a Google+ Hangout
4) This particular hangout will be in English. You'll need a proficiency in understanding and speaking English.
5) You'll have an opportunity to introduce yourself, your company, background, interests. (60 seconds or so per person.)
6) The idea is that you will ask Chris questions about the venture process, building companies, scaling companies, patents, how to pitch, etc. This is not an opportunity for you to personally pitch him your company / idea! You may invoke real-world examples however that do reference your own experience. For example, "Hi Chris, I'm at Newco, and we're trying to scale from 15 people to 50 in the next year. What do you recommend in terms of recruiting and interviewing? How do we keep the bar high?" The quality of a good question is that it would be interesting and relevant for a majority of listeners and viewers.

Thanks, and again - leave a comment below if you're interested.

Please review the Hangout we did with John Lilly for reference:
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I'm busy for this hangout but I pass the link to my contacts if any would meet Chris this morning (evening in Spain)
I would like to take part in this hangout if there are still slots open. I would like to ask about social media and the recruitment process.
Thanks +Jose Antonio Bravo Mateu.

Sounds good, +Steph Bergy - you're in! It looks like you're experienced with Hangouts! We'll start a bit early to get to know each other and warm up - so please be online by 8:15am PST. Looking forward to meeting you.
+Bradley Horowitz +VC Office Hours If this hangout is full, please get me in with your next guest Roger Mcnamee. I have some interesting questions for Mr. Roger regarding start ups and scaling.
I will like to participate too if the questions could be web/g+ related
+VC Office Hours - I would love to participate in this hangout as a panelist if slots are still available. I've read the requirements in your previous post and I am ok with each of them.

My questions would be geared around the following.

1. What "key metrics" do you and other VC's use in evaluating opportunities; would you say the process is fairly static, i.e. Product, Team, Traction or a bit more nuanced and dynamic.

2. What were Chris's experiences as a Co-Founder in his own start-up in evaluating Angels, VC's, and Term Sheets. Were there a set of "key metrics" he and his Founding Team used or was it more dynamic than that, what was his process.

3. Continuation of question 2. - If he had to do it all over again would he make the same decisions or do things a bit differently.

Ps. Just checking if I'm still in =)

Btw, I commented on your previous post with questions I'm looking to ask, as you requested.
That's just swell! Going through the John Lilly Hangout now =)
Would love to, but Friday is the only morning I am not available these days. I look forward to reading about it.
I am so excited to learn and ask questions its a bit nerve wracking.
+VC Office Hours I guess you are talking about the next hangout with Mr. Roger Mcnamee. If yes then i would surely be in. If you are talking about this hangout occurring after some time then sorry to say but i would not be able to join the current hangout. So please get in another interested panelist for this hangout and also count me in for the next hangout.
Hey guys, I'm definitely still interested. Let me know if I'm able to join.
Is it possible to be invited to watch?
I am in the hangout alone
I'm listening but how do I participate?
I just saw this and would love an invitation if possible.
And now it looks like the hangout is having technical difficulties... is anyone else able to watch?
Not working on my end.
If I'm watching the program does that mean I'm in? How do I participate? Just getting a hang of the "hangouts" :-0
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