Want to be on a panel with Chris Dixon this morning?

It's Friday morning and I still have a few spots open for this morning's +VC Office Hours with +Chris Dixon.

(Preference will be given to those that weren't on yesterday's panel.)

If you meet the criteria below, please leave a comment and we'll see about getting you on!


1) You must be available on Friday, May 11th, from 8:15-8:45am PST.
2) You must have equipment camera, microphone, computer, that has demonstrated it can successful work in Google+ Hangouts.
3) You must be in a place where you will have demonstrated sufficient bandwidth to be in a Google+ Hangout
4) This particular hangout will be in English. You'll need a proficiency in understanding and speaking English.
5) You'll have an opportunity to introduce yourself, your company, background, interests. (60 seconds or so per person.)
6) The idea is that you will ask Chris questions about the venture process, building companies, scaling companies, patents, how to pitch, etc. This is not an opportunity for you to personally pitch him your company / idea! You may invoke real-world examples however that do reference your own experience. For example, "Hi Chris, I'm at Newco, and we're trying to scale from 15 people to 50 in the next year. What do you recommend in terms of recruiting and interviewing? How do we keep the bar high?" The quality of a good question is that it would be interesting and relevant for a majority of listeners and viewers.

Thanks, and again - leave a comment below if you're interested.

Please review the Hangout we did with John Lilly for reference:
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