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Thrilled to share that our first session of +VC Office Hours will be with +John Lilly of Greylock on Thursday, May 10th, at 8:15am PST.

I couldn't be more happy with the choice of John as our inaugural guest. He's been a founder, a CEO, an investor, an advisor, a Professor... and is incredibly down-to-earth and lighthearted for someone who is so accomplished.

If you'd like to be on our panel for this session, please let us know in the comments below and I'll be in touch. And since this will be a Hangout on Air, it will be broadcast and archive so everyone can participate.

Looking forward to our chat next week!


John joined Greylock as a partner in 2011. Prior to Greylock, John was CEO of Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox, an open source Web browser used by more than 450 million people. John also co-founded Reactivity, an enterprise security infrastructure company acquired by Cisco in 2007, where he served as founding CEO and later CTO.

Earlier in his career, John held positions on the executive team at Trilogy Software and as a Senior Scientist in Apple's research labs.

John is currently on the Board of Directors of Citrus Lane, Clearslide, Code for America, Mozilla Corporation, and the Participatory Culture Foundation. He is a board observer at Tumblr, and led Greylock's investment in Dropbox and Instagram. John previously served on the boards of directors of TripIt (acquired by Concur in 2011), CenterRun (acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2003), and Reactivity (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007).
John holds a BS in Computer Systems Engineering and an MS in Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction, both from Stanford University. He is currently a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford's, and an adviser to the Stanford Technology Ventures Program as well as SSE Labs, an incubator at the University.

He is a co-inventor on seven United States patents.
Greylock Partners John Lilly biography
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Li shen
Would like to join the panel as an entrepreneur, currently working on a offers project. Would like to talk about:
1. Calculations of how much funding is actually needed under certain growth assumptions
2. Internationalization of startups from Europe compared to the US

My profile:
Salam Sejahtera....
Senang rasanya melihat,membaca orang-orang yang jenius,cerdas dan murah hati.
Can you write a little about your expectations for a panelist please? I would enjoy taking part as a panelist.
Being an entrepreneur, I'm welcoming this initiative. Could I join the session?
I'm an Australian who is beginning a start-up here, but I would like some insight on the comparisons and differences between the US and international start-up scene's. And whether it would be worth it for me to up and head to the US to try my luck.

Also, with all this talk about a tech bubble I want some insight on how you could structure your start-up to shield yourself if things go belly up. And some ideas and areas on how to generate revenue without relying on ads and marketing.

Because I'm an Aussie I might not be able to make the hangout, but if someone could ask these Q's it would be greatly appreciated!
+Matthew Summers Matthew, my expectations are that you'd ask interesting questions that represent an issue that would benefit many. (This isn't for pitching your own ideas to a captive audience, but rather eliciting knowledge and know-how that could benefit every viewer.)

+Samir Saleem The end result ends up as a YouTube video that you could certainly embed on your blog.
+Bradley Horowitz Thanks for the clarification. It's a very nice initiative. It's sometimes so difficult to get feelings on this or that piece of a pitch or a BP or to get feedbacks on a direction a Start-up is taking. So that I'm sure this chit chat will benefit all the entrepreneur community.
Would love to be on this Hangout. Keen on understanding when it is appropriate to bootstrap and when to approach investors
Pretty awesome idea. I'd love to be a part of this and future hangouts.
Would love to join the Panel as well. Questions regarding Crowdfunding and how will that affect future fundraising.
Phil S
Would love to be part of this hangout. Am from Chennai, India where startup ecosystem is slowly developing, and there is so much to learn from the silicon valley giants...
Though i had already expressed the desire to be in the panel list in +Bradley Horowitz 's post, again here i would like to be in the panel for this hangout. I have some very interesting questions to ask. Hope to see you in the hangout.
Would be great to hangout! I am involved in a Facebook video chat solution for bands and celebrities.
I'd love to be on the panel, if you're still looking for some personalities. I work for +Identified -- we have a community of over 8 million users, 90% between the ages of 18 to 29 (young millennials, Generation Y, the Facebook Generation -- whatever you want to call them), and all looking to get a head start in the professional world. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to source questions from our community for +John Lilly!

And if this hangout isn't a good fit for me + 8 million users, then I'd be happy to volunteer for any panel you might have in the future. And I'm happy to participate in general, really!

Love this series you're doing.
Really cool, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Good on +Bradley Horowitz for announcing the news -- love that everything is more community oriented on Google+!
I'll probably be checking out the archive so won't be able to be on the panel. But I have some questions that someone on the panel can field if they are short of material;

1. With the recent political changes on crowdfunding how does John think the role of VC and Angel investing will change in the future if at all?
2. There seems to be a lot of startups that launch with the idea of getting users and eyeballs at the fastest rate possible and figure out the profitability aspect later on. Is that reality or are many finding paths to profitability earlier on? If so what seems to be the most successful strategy to get to break even and profit?
3. Are we in a tech bubble or is there room to run on the success the big tech companies and startups have been having for the last few years?
4. Are patents a help or a hindrance to innovation?
5. Many of the innovations and efficiencies tech is bringing us are destroying old jobs. Every improvement we make in manufacturing, retail, or other sectors eliminates headcount. Where is tech capable of reversing that trend and adding jobs in the biggest way in the coming decade?
6. What is the best approach to building a team and getting access to capital if you don't live in Silicon Valley. Other than jumping on courses like the Stanford one when the opportunity presents itself (And a thanks to John for his role in that by the way. I've now connected with 5 more people in a team here in Denver).

Thanks for running hangouts like this.
Eagerly looking forward to it !!
I am interested in participating! We are a social enterprise working on mitigating financial risks for farmers in the rural parts of India through the use of e-commerce.
I'm a 32yo disabled combat veteran, started a website in a homeless shelter two years ago that was immediately plugged by the Editor-in-Chief of Wired (, and I'm currently working on an application at, which I'm actually gearing towards Google Hangouts.

I'm well connected in the US Veteran community if you'd like questions from us, I still have time to reach out with a request for questions.

If not for this first'll hear from me on the second. And third... ;)

Thanks for any consideration! Oh, and I'm not homeless anymore, hard transition from infantry Sergeant to civilian, heh. It only lasted a month. Moving on.
+Bradley Horowitz would be honored to join if asked. we are trying to increase access to healthcare to 50m underserved americans living in rural settings.
+Bradley Horowitz If I'm asked to join my questions would be about how to best bring large potential corporate customers to venture partners to discuss agreements between the two. I used to be Best Buy's liaison to the venture community and most VC's were generous with their time in presenting us opportunities from their portfolios. However, too many of my colleagues at Best Buy who would have been the buyers of the portfolio companies products and services were slow and risk averse.

Today I do similar work for other retailers, brands and agencies, so my questions would center on if I am asking for a call or meeting with a VC on behalf of a potential corporate customer, what is the best way to prepare for the meeting with information to the VC, and questions to expect during the meeting.
I'd like to be on the panel. Specifically I have questions regarding to how international startups work with great companies like Greylock.
+VC Office Hours I'd love to be a part of the panel.

My questions would be focused around the following.

1. What is Greylock's strategy to drive innovation through the inclusion of emerging ethnic and underrepresented minority groups such as African Americans, Latin Americans and Female Technology Entrepreneurs into their deal flow?

2. Where would they say they are positioned on the Diffusion of Innovations bell-curve concerning the above matter across each named group?

3. What key metrics do they look for when evaluating opportunities holistically as well as among this emerging group of Entrepreneurs. Are the metrics the same, nuanced, or altogether different?

If VC Office Hours is still accepting panelists, I am curious:

1. Is there any truth to the myth that it's more challenging to train a marketing/sales experienced entrepreneur versus a technical/engineer experienced entrepreneur to be a CEO> I am curious to know how much "gut feeling" is applied to the hiring of a management team.

2. How can a CEO or executive decipher the recruitment and leadership mystery to know the difference between a team of individual contributors who have been delegated to execute their own responsibilities well versus a team that is cohesive and leverages their differences and diversity? Each type of team executes the outcome, but which one is more sustainable for the company?
aww. didn't know we had to ask to be on the panel. thought the panel was for the VC's... - hope it's not too late to join?
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