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Chris Tindal
I work for BuzzFeed in New York, NY.
I work for BuzzFeed in New York, NY.

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Animated Photo

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Google automatically put this together and it's kinda fun. 

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For +Tabatha Southey. 

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"There have certainly been great TED Talks... but then there are also TED Talks that are blatant pseudoscientific garbage... TED's lack of substantial peer review and its emphasis on what is new, what isn't divisive, and what is entertaining rather than accurate or well-researched means that horrendous nonsense can get a wide audience." 

I said on Twitter that I didn't understand why people were so upset about the Google+/Gmail thing and people got mad at me, so now I've retreated back here.

The folks who write the obnoxiously hard password rules need to have a talk with the folks who write the super easy "security questions."

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This is bonkers. 
Andromeda Galaxy's Actual Size If It Were Brighter

I found this too fascinating not to share. If you've ever seen a night photo odds are in the mix is the galaxy Andromeda, but it's scale is deceiving due to its brightness. This photo shows what Andromeda would look like if it were brighter to highlight its scale. Mind boggling and if you're curious where it was sourced from and whether the scale is really accurate (it is by the way) check out this Reddit discussion thread:

For years, my Facebook profile picture has been me in a Google t-shirt. Need to get +Karen Whaley to photograph me in a Facebook t-shirt for my Google+ profile picture. 

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I wrote things. Do people on Google+ like things? Written things? How does this work? 

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I figured this was the best place to share an article about how great Google+ is.
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