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Baja California Off-Road Motorsport Desert Racing
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Above the Law released in 2007 featuring Terrible Herbst Motorsports. The film “Riviera Racing 3 Above the Law” received 2008 an Xtremey award for Best off-road truck video
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Ruffo Racing from +La Paz BCS Mexico went past weekend to +Loreto to compete in the @Loreto400 offroad desert race.
They came back home with the victory in the #TrophyTruck class. +Baja Off-Road +Trophy Trucks

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Seen Rody Amaya's Class 1on a trailer while out running an errand in +La Paz Baja California Sur BCS so took a few pics
#Class1 #RodyAmaya #LaPazBCS  
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#Baja500 qualifying with #BryceMenzies for 2016 Baja 500
+Baja 500 qualifying results - ride along with Bryce Menzies, Menzies Motorsports during 2016 Baja 500 Qualifying
1)   Robby Gordon
2)   Bryce Menzies
3)   Carlos Apdaly Lopez
4)   Rob MacCachren
5)   Justin Matney
6)   Luke McMillin
7)   Andy McMillin
8)   Jason McNeil
9)   Kyle Jergensen
10)  Dan McMillin
11) Jimmy Nuckles
12) Todd Romano
13) Tavo Vildosola
14) Eduardo Laguna
15) BJ "FroYo" Baldwin
16) Zak Langley
17) Larry Roessler
18) Tim Herbst
19) Mike Palmer
20) Nick Vanderwey
21) Chris Kemp
22) Tracy Graf
23) Mike Cook
24) Damen jeffries
25) Billy Wilson
26) mark Post
27) Robbie Pierce
28) Troy Herbst
29) Eric Hustead
30) James Bult

#Baja500 #2016Baja500 #Qualifying +Trophy Trucks +Baja Off-Road +Off-Road Tube +Offroad Union +Offroad 
 +Red Bull Baja 

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+Dos Mares 500 +Offroad racing #BajaSur from +La Paz Baja California Sur BCS - Jaime Huerta ‪#175Racing did win the race in +Trophy Trucks #BajaFilmsMx  

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30th SCORE San Felipe 250, 27. February 2016, 249.5 miles/401.5 kilometers, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico / #Baja250 Results top finishers popular classes. Follow link at end of listing to full result sheet.
SCORE Trophy Truck
1)  15 Billy Wilson Corpus Cristi, TX Jimco 1 04:36:40.842
2)  98 Corey Keysar Colorado Springs, TSCO 1 04:38:29.501
3) 1 Carlos Apdaly Lopez, Bristol, TN Geiser1 04:42:55.154
4)  2 Jason Mc Neil El Cajon, CA Geiser 1 05:55:42.000
5)  45 Gary Magness Denver, CO Jimco 1 06:52:33.851
*only 5 trucks finished
Class 1
1) 138 Ronny Wilson Long Beach, CA JIM 1 04:44:16.091
2) 125 Scott Rueschenberg, Phoenix, AZ TAT 1 04:51:43.904
3) 106 Derek Fletcher Bristol, TN CUS 1 05:43:42.166
4) 110 Eric Chase San Diego, CA CUS 1 05:54:15.000
5)  114 Al Torres Calexico, CA CHV 1 06:00:11.808
Trophy Truck Spec
1) 202 Chad Broughton Scotts Valley, CA baj 1 05:19:13.292
2) 274 Elias Hanna San Diego, CA CHV 1 05:33:30.776
3) 220 Craig Christy Burbank, CA CHV 1 05:45:35.304
4) 201 Russell Buehler Kansas City, MO JIM 1 06:19:53.451
5) 252 Gonzalo Pirron Quartz Hill, CA CUS 1 06:38:40.328
Class 10
1) 1081 Todd Winslow Clovis, CA ALU 1 04:56:27.228
2) 1009 Rafael Navarro Iv Temecula, CA CHV 1 04:56:57.968
3) 1088 Sergio Salgado Mexicali, BC JIM 1 05:06:45.000
4) 1058 Mikey Lawrence Murrieta, CA CUS 1 05:07:22.571
5) 1034 Cliff Cole Agoura Hills, CA ALU 1 05:19:15.104
Pro Moto Unlimited
1) 1X Colton Udall Yucca Valley, CA HON 1 04:46:41.394
2) 4X Francisco ArredondoLake Elsinore, CA HON 1 04:49:49.796
3) 37X Kevin Murphy Fresno, CA HSQ 1 05:04:14.467
4) 3X Ray Dal Soglio Scottsdale, AZ HON 1 05:35:32.999
5) 7X Braxtan Gallian Cave Creek, AZ HON 1 06:11:50.106
Pro Quads
1) 1A Javier Robles Jr Calexico, CA HON 1 05:19:19.570
2) 7A Said Sanchez Tijuana, BC HON 1 05:34:00.626
3) 3A Heriberto Marquez Ensenada, BC CUS 1 09:58:23.911
Full results list here >>>>>

#SanFelipe250 #Baja250 #Offroad #DesertRacing +Offroad
+Offroad Union +Trophy Trucks 

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Some epic footage for the Spring Apparel launch. Baja racers Quinn Cody, Factory FMF, KTM's Ivan Ramirez and FMX athlete James Carter take it to the streets of Ensenada.

#KTM #FMF #Ensenada #Baja +Baja Off-Road +Offroad #Mexico  

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Steven Eugenio and Armin Schwarz 2015 #Baja1000 The Galindo Motorsports #1 Trophy Truck finished 7th after starting 21 st #Baja #DesertRacing  
Steven Eugenio and Armin Schwarz 2015 #Baja1000   #ArminSchwarz   driving from the start: "Right off the start it was really good. We were making up some time and getting some guys in front of us. The truck was awesome and running perfectly. We were in a bottleneck near race mile 290. I think #Vildosola got stuck in the main line and everybody tried to make their way around."
#StevenEugenio "When I got in we were a bit behind and stuck in the dust and then I ended up getting stuck in the silt. We had a clean run going but there was a rock sticking out of a sand wash that I didn’t see and it snapped our rim."
+Baja Off-Road +Desert Series +Offroad +Trophy Trucks +Baja 1000 #Motorsport #Desert #Offroad #Racing #TripTagger  

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#Baja500 2015 spiked with controversial race activities and incidents paired with poor marshalling by the organizer
Trophy Trucks & Class 1 passing by at race-mile 90 of 2015 #Baja500 , a SCORE Intl desert race at Mexico's Baja peninsula spiked with controversial race activities and incidents and poor marshalling by the organizer

+Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD +Offroad +Off-Road LIVE +Baja Off-Road +Puro Tom +Offroad Union +Motorsports +MotoSpeed TV +Race Critique 

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6th overall finisher 2015 #Baja500 TSCO Racing Mark Weyhrich
TSCO Racing 2015 #Baja500 - Quote by Mark Weyhrich #TrophyTruck   No. 9 which finished 6th overall. We started in the back so I knew it was going to be a long day coming through. I slammed a tree in the pine forest and had one flat. We had a pretty clean day from there forward and we just kept picking guys off. The wind died right when we caught Tim Herbst and he was slow today so we lost a ton of time.
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