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Erica Douglass
You probably know me as ericabiz, since that's what I go by everywhere. You're welcome to add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.
You probably know me as ericabiz, since that's what I go by everywhere. You're welcome to add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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I finally got a photo with +Susanna Moyer​! #ingress #darsana #darsananola

Pleased to announce I've taken a new (part-time) gig as a marketing consultant for!

I decided I wanted to get back into the startup scene here in Austin without necessarily starting my own startup right now. The first person I reached out to was Doug Hanna ( CEO) to see if I could help them with marketing.

Turns out, there was a fit, so I'll be working with them through the beginning of February and helping them do customer development and get their marketing off the ground!

I'll still be working with my coaching clients and doing my blog as well. This was just too interesting of an opportunity for me to pass up. Perhaps I'll see some of you at Capital Factory on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week!


Funny, that this has been the hardest post to write. As I've been going through this process with my doctor, I've been sharing what is happening here. But when I actually got the diagnosis--I found myself needing time to process it. I called my parents, I talked to a few close friends...and now I can finally write about it.

My doctor believes I have Graves' disease. I'm doing a thyroid uptake test next week to confirm it, but my symptoms and blood work match enough that my doctor is pretty convinced.

Graves is an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your thyroid gland. It can cause, among other things, chronic pain, fatigue, and a general "weak" feeling. More interestingly, it's a disease that causes psychological symptoms as well--severe anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate, and even "manic"-like moods are all part of the symptoms of Graves.

It's a not-so-subtle reminder that anxiety and depression, while people often think of them as psychological, can have a physical cause as well.

The good news about Graves is that it's manageable with medication. The bad news is that I'll likely be on medication for the rest of my life. But, having ruled out multiple types of cancers and tumors, I realize how fortunate I am to have this. Given all the possibilities, it could have been a lot worse.

In about 10 days, we'll know for sure whether this is what I have.
I'm insanely curious to start medication and see what changes. My doctor believes that the right medication could completely resolve my physical symptoms. The psychological ones may well get resolved as well. I can't start the medication until my uptake test is complete, so I won't know for a while what happens.

The only thing I can really say out of this is: Go to your doctor if you have symptoms, even "psychological" ones, to rule out a physical cause for them. I've often had panic attacks in the past, for instance. Panic attacks? Yep, another symptom of Graves.

It's worth seeing a doctor and getting tests done to find out what you really have. And no, you are not crazy. Well, not any crazier than any of the rest of us, that is. <3

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I haz a shiny!
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Rule #1: First rule of being a great roommate...don't sleep with your roommate.
Rule #2: When you have a male roommate and you're female and you're both single, everyone will assume you're dating.
Rule #3: See Rule #1.

Overheard: "Do you like to drink? Beer?"
"Then you should join the Enlightened. They're a bunch of fuckin alcoholics."


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+Dario Landazuri and +Brian Arneson both have birthdays today! Happy birthday to my fellow awesome Ingress players!

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+Larry Watts has discovered his true calling as the sushi master!
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