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Keith Giberson
Dad, Beer Geek and BBQ Apprentice
Dad, Beer Geek and BBQ Apprentice

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Cough cough. Hack hack. Stay back.

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Thanks to my sister for the link!

Good on you Mr. President :D

Way to go NC, good on you keepin dem scary homosexuals from enjoying all of life's treasures and blessings the good lord has bestowed upon us. Like infidelity, alter boy rape and spousal abuse by some bumbkin in a pick up truck!

A true music legend passes, RIP Adam.

Happy Star Wars Day!

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search!!!

RIP Dick Clark, truly an American icon

Halfway through uploading 6K+ songs to #googlemusic I now just realized I should have taken tagging a lot more serious... what a goddamn mess.
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