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Jed Christiansen
I'm a Googler, a Londoner, rower, a submariner, and a solar car racer.
I'm a Googler, a Londoner, rower, a submariner, and a solar car racer.

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This election is a choice, and I'm committed to vote for Hillary Clinton. Commit your vote and help win this election.

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This is pretty cool!
Pulp fiction? Or can you really have a mini paper recycling factory in the corner? (This is pretty cool, and it's fast, too: put in used paper you want to recycle, and 3 minutes later, shiny new paper comes out).

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This is hilarious!

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I met the ROCKI team at a Techstars event and they're doing some great stuff.  If you're thinking about SONOS but don't want to shell out the $$$, you should definitely check out ROCKI!

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F**king awesome!! 
I knew I had high performing people working for me.  But breaking the sound barrier falling in a space suit from a 135,908 foot high balloon ride this morning?  Thanks +Alan Eustace!

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June 7th 1999 - Google announces $25million investment from Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins.

July 23rd 1999 - Google spends about 10% of that investment in order to buy 1680 new computers for their datacenter.

December 1999 - Google starts advertising on search results

October 2000 - Google launches AdWords advertising (CPM model)

~2002 - Google moves AdWords to CPC model

August 2004 - Google IPOs at valuation of $23billion, with no further VC money invested after the $25million in the summer of 1999.
15 years ago we placed the largest server order in our history: 1680 servers, packed into the now infamous "corkboard" racks that packed four small motherboards onto a single tray. (You can see some preserved racks at Google in Building 43, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and at the National Museum of American History in DC,  

At the time of the order, we had a grand total of 112 servers so 1680 was a huge step.  But by the summer, these racks were running search for millions of users.  In retrospect the design of the racks wasn't optimized for reliability and serviceability, but given that we only had two weeks to design them, and not much money to spend, things worked out fine.

BTW the four white pins in the forefront are the reset buttons for the four servers, and the disks are mounted on a plexiglass board which lies on top of the board (not attached -- there was no time to design a proper bracket).
Corkboard server order
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This is crazy awesome...
Yesterday I attended the unveiling of SpaceX's Dragon-2 capsule -- the new spaceship they've designed to take people to space.

I wanted to share this exciting experience with you.

After a small press event, I had the chance to actually climb into the capsule with Elon Musk (Founder & CEO) and a mutual friend, Shervin Pishevar (Managing Director at Sherpa Ventures).

For any of you who are fellow space cadets, this is the first spaceship that is truly beautiful, from its leather seats (which remind me of my Tesla) to its gleaming metallic interior and large flat screen displays. This is the first spaceship to feel straight out of a sci-fi movie. What the SpaceX team has accomplished is nothing short of miraculous.

After the big reveal, Musk told reporters that the cost of flying seven astronauts to the station on the Dragon could start out at under $20 million per seat, with the first piloted test flights in 2016.

Two extremely cool features of the Dragon-2 Capsule:

* First, the landing engines called the "SuperDraco Thrusters" are actually 3D printed out of Inconel (a nickel-chromium superalloy), each with 16,000 pounds of thrust.
* Second, the Dragon-2 capsule lands using rocket thrusters. Gone are the parachute splashdowns. Now Dragon-2 can land anywhere on Earth with the precision of a helicopter.

Such a powered landing is the first step towards landing on Mars, where the atmosphere is too thin to use parachutes for a soft touchdown.

Mars, after all, is Elon's ultimate goal. Last October I was on stage with him, interviewing him at a Goldman Sachs event for an audience of entrepreneurs, and I asked him for a prediction on the timeframe and cost for taking private passengers to Mars. His answer?

- It's only 15 years away.
- For a total cost per person of $500,000
- ...Round trip.

The message here is the following:

Elon had no experience in the rocket business when he started 12 years ago. Yes, of course he's a genius, but beyond that, he has surpassed what NASA, Lockheed, Boeing, Russia and China are able to do in space.

The ability of entrepreneurs to do what was once only in the hands of governments is upon us. So too, is access to the solar system.

Fasten your seatbelts -- it will be a wild ride ahead.


P.S. If you want to learn more, sign up for my blog here and share with friends:
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Wow... this is a great cartoon about what could happen with the EU's approach to "the right to be forgotten".

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If you're in the UK and need to have a dog trained, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out Developing Dogs.  Sian (the owner) has years and years of training under her belt, and recently opened a new business with lots of space for dogs to run and train in.  Check it out!

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This is such a great video for an awesome song, by one of my favorite bands!

The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Stamp" Saddle Cree…:
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