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Sue Decotiis
Liposonix NYC: Board Certified Internist: NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor
Liposonix NYC: Board Certified Internist: NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor

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Are cholesterol lowering drugs causing you to eat more? A recent study published in the New York Times says, YES!

Even though your cholesterol levels may be reduced, statins can cause you to increase your daily calorie intake leading to weight gain!

Call (917) 261-3177 and come see Dr. Decotiis to get your BMI and cholesterol levels in the healthy range.

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What health problems can you incur if your gut bacteria is out of balance?

 Some examples of health problems that you may face if your gut microorganisms stay out of balance for long periods of time include:

Bad breath
Foul gas
Candida yeast overrun
Chronic fatigue
Brain fogginess
Lowered immunity
Impaired digestion and absorption

Keep yourself healthy by taking a probiotic supplement!

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Supplements are not just for those with a lackluster diet. Many of the foods we eat may be deemed healthy, but not necessarily nutritionally complete, lacking in certain nutrients. 

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Do you have digestive issues?

Probiotics can help! Research has shown probiotics are helpful for people with IBS -- a hard-to-treat condition that can have a range of intestinal symptoms, such as abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

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See Dr. Decotiis on FOX's The Willis Report talking about brown fat and weight maintenance:

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Happening tonight! Watch Dr. Sue DeCotiis on FOX's The Willis Report as she discusses BROWN FAT. 

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Heard of the miracle weight loss fruit Garcinia Cambogia? The fruit works by blocking fat production by temporarily inhibiting the enzyme that converts carbs to fat in the liver.  And studies prove--it does work:

--A Purdue University study demonstrated a 400 mg dose of HCA, 30-60 minutes before eating, led to 6.8-8.1 pounds lost over a 12 week period.

--A study conducted Georgetown University showed a 5.4% bodyweight reduction in a mere 8 weeks.

While Garcinia is effective, remember not all supplements are created equal.  As nutritional/dietary supplements don't have to go under rigorous FDA testing as medications.  Here are some tips to buy the right supplements:

Garcinia Cambogia is a natural fruit.  Therefore, it shouldn't be too pricey. If a bottle costs more than $60, you can be sure it has unnecessary fillers/additives.

Check the purity of the supplement. Additives, like caffeine and artificial binders, are what cause Garcinia Cambogia side effect concerns.

HCA--the weight-loss chemical component of natural tropical fruits, is the key! So if a supplement has too little HCA present, that means it is mostly composed of additives.

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Want to lose weight without feeling hungry? 

At a mere 120 calories per serving, Dr. Sue’s Whey Protein is a delicious vegetarian meal replacement packed with all of the essential amino acids. This high quality, super satiating protein comes from New Zealand cows that are not exposed to Bovine growth hormone (rBST). Instead, an all-natural ultra-filtration process separates impurities from this whey protein. As a result, Dr. Sue’s Whey Protein provides only the highest quality essential and non-essential amino acids to support healing, muscle building, tissue recovery, energy, and the immune system through the production of important compounds like glutathione, the body's most powerful antioxidant.
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