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SEO - Zoekmachine Optimalisatie
SEO - Zoekmachine Optimalisatie

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SEO (Zoekmachine Optimalisatie)

Naast betaalde zoekresultaten bestaan Google’s zoekresultaten uit een organisch deel. SEO is het proces waarbij ervoor word gezorgd dat u meer bezoekers, leads en klanten ontvangt uit de organische zoekresultaten van Google en andere zoekmachines. Een SEO-aanpak is opgedeeld in drie deelgebieden:

- Technische SEO
- Content
- Off-site (linkbuilding)

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Google stops showing author photos in search results

Is this a bad thing? Or shouldn't we worry?
#authorship   #serp   #googleplus  

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Bad Linkbait: Content that attracts links without adding additional value. One of the hallmark characteristics of bad linkbait is that it often rehashes the work of others, without creating anything new.

Linkable Assets: Content or features characterized by a high degree of practical utility or emotional engagement. Linkable assets often attract links over time due the high value they offer.

International SEO: Why you should choose one domain with correct language mark-up: 

SEO: Matt Cutts head of Google's search quality team gave a presentation at Pubcon. Subjects covered where the link disavow tool and auto form filling:

SEO: Ultimate collection of online resources for 'Google Authorship'. Claim authorship on your posts for higher Click-through-rates and personal branding:

Takeaways from one of the lead global SEO conferences:
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