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Apple's iWatch Is Actually Just A Wrist Band That Attaches To Your iPhone, iPad
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The "privacy angst" folks like Om Malik are wrong

I just read Om Malik's post about why Facebook Home bugs him. Sorry, it's time that we stop listening to those who have "privacy angst." 

Listen, we are just looking at privacy all wrong.

In the "Age of Context" we're going to have several systems that serve us. That anticipate our needs and brings us new ideas of how to live our lives.

I strongly believe in signaling. In other words, telling the Internet what you want to do. 

For instance, I'm in Miami for the first time today. I have been signaling all week that I want to have a great time. So, today, someone I never have met is picking us up in 20 minutes and is showing us around.

I did this on Facebook and on Google+ and on Twitter. Wait a second. Loss of privacy!

But I'm going to have a better time today because of it. 

And it's just going to get more and more like this with Google Glass, Ingress, and other systems from Google AND from Facebook. 

Om Malik needs to get over it. 

If you want to be private, don't put it into a digital device. Period. That's where privacy ends and contextual systems take over. For instance, you've never seen a photo of me naked in my bedroom. Why not? Because I don't want you to and I forbid anyone to take photos there. Believe me, my Google Glass will NOT be used there! 

And anyone who says it's just about advertising is simply not listening and seeing where both big and small companies are going.

We need a new discussion about privacy and the utility we're going to get.

Humans will give up their privacy for "free ice cream." How do I know this? Because at Safeway, my grocery store, everyone uses its loyalty card. That lets Safeway track us. Offer us stuff. And give us discounts. We traded our privacy for free ice cream.

Same thing will happen with Google's Glass and with Facebook's Home. Om Malik needs to realize this and change how he approaches these new technologies. So do we all.
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