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Red Sox winning 5-0 is great for us Boston fans!

For Canon fans, you might find this exciting.  A photographer was using this lens. I assert that the black stripes of the focus and zoom rings are the wrong width and placement to be either the 70-200 or the 100-400; therefore I speculate this is a prototype of the long-rumored 100-400 II.
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or she/he applied some black tape to their lens?
Thanks Kimberly; I think I fixed it.
very odd placement of the front band indeed! good catch!
Strange looking lens indeed, I hope it really is the much rumoured 100-400 mk II. Thanks for spotting and posting this +Peter Norvig.
Interesting! I have current model, hope they abandon Push/Pull design, does the front element look small?(72mm??)
Look at the trigger finger, it's in a weird position for a canon camera. +1 to the sony theory.
Im pretty confident only programmers use the word "assert" in everyday assessments of things? Am I right? 
The two black areas (possibly buttons) at the front make me lean towards Sony but then the space between the zoom ring and the camera body is too big to match the Sony 70-200 2.8. As to the model name on the camera body, the Sony Alpha symbol is red, this pic clearly shows a white model name and you can kind of guess two codes as in "EOS" and "5D" underneath it. My vote goes to 100-400mm II or possibly EF 400mm F5.6 L II since the 100-400 update is a bit of a Nessie...
Consider that most high end long lenses are rentals. Call the rental house.
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