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Hey guys... I dropped my Moto G and it fell face down... Needless to say the screen turned into an unfortunate kaleidoscope show :(. So sad... My little Moto G.

Do you guys know how easy (or hard) it could be to fix this? I've replaced a couple of notebook displays so I kinda know how to be careful...

Any ideas are more than welcome :).

Hey guys, got a $150/50% (150$ for off contract and 50% for a two year contract) discount code for the Moto X and some accesories (no bamboo discount it seems though) thanks to the Today Show promo... but I am not gonna use it... it expires December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST.

So... whoever sends me a message first, gonna share it with him/her. Just make sure you will buy the phone, because the expiration is just a few hours ahead.

Merry Christmas!

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This is soooo 8 months ago but still funny :)

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Motorola + lego = Customize your phone like any other pc :D

Hi guys, I'm rocking out as usual on my KDE seput. Until a couple of days ago I enjoyed the wonder of having all my app menus (for both QT or GTK apps) nicely exported to wonderful kdeplasma-applets-menubar plasma widget... It was all fine and dandy until I did a full system upgrade.

While performing the update, I had problems with the version of libdbusmenu I had installed, so I removed it (and all the packages that depended on int) and installed the one pacman asked me to install. Then , I followed the instructions in the wiki to get the global menu working again. But alas... it's not working at all... Neither QT nor GTK apps are exporting their menus... The only app that seems to be doing it is, surprisingly, Chromium.

Have any of you run into a similar issue? I'd appreciate any suggestions, I really like shaving off those extra pixels into the top of my screen.

I just wanna say I love 4.11. A few days ago I had to do a presentation, and using a multi monitor setup (notebook screen + projector) was so painless... it felt oddly perfect. Thank you KDE devs!

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My adventures growing plants... I'm growing old u.u.
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Adictiva forma de tocar musica de manera colaborativa por internet... :D

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¡Esto me hubiera servido tanto hace unos años!
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