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We Are Well-Respected Experts in Social Security Disability
We Are Well-Respected Experts in Social Security Disability


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Well said!

"I'm a firm believer in the social model of disability. People are labelled and treated as disabled as a result of the negative social attitudes and environmental barriers towards them because of their impairment. 

Our impairments are not the sole problem: society is.

If our money should go anywhere, my vote is for inclusive design. If fixing something is necessary, let us fix society's inaccessibility and social exclusion of disabled people.

I was born different; I was born with a body that does not work the way most people's do. But I am a human who does not need to be fixed. What I need is a society that does not exclude me. One that does not view me as 'other'. I am not a person to be feared or ignored. I am just a person."

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Having ADD and ADHD May Mean That You’re Entitled to Disability Benefits

Qualifying for disability benefits for #ADD  and #ADHD  is extremely difficult and even rare. Only the most severe cases qualify, and those require lots of medical evidence to prove the case. Evidence includes doctor’s notes and records, written testimonials from employers and teachers (such as a grade report), and IQ and standardized tests results. In addition to these pieces, the individual must have all 3 of the following symptoms:

- Acute difficulty maintaining attention
- Hyperactivity
- Impulsiveness

To qualify for #disabilitybenefits , these 3 symptoms must cause problems with at least 2 of the areas listed below:

- Personal functioning
- Social functioning
- Concentration, persistence, or speed
- Cognitive functions

If you suffer from ADD and ADHD and are applying for disability benefits, it is a good idea to seek professional help through an attorney. Although most ADD/ADHD applicants are denied, your chances of being accepted the first time around or through an appeal are greatly increased with the help of a disability lawyer. Applying for benefits can be a long, tedious and stressful task, but having a trained lawyer guide you through the ins and outs of the process will alleviate much of your stresses and worries.

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Why does the #SSA  take so long when determining eligibility for Social Security Disability insurance? #SSDI   #disability  

"…My Sincere Thank You…"
You and your associates need my sincere thank you, no words seem right. For so long I've lived with this uncertainty about my health and at every turn there has been wonderful people such as you and your staff who have made my journey here on earth much more serene. Even if the ruling had gone the other way I still would be writing this letter. I wish only the best for you, your company, and those great people who work so tirelessly, on not only my case, but for all your clients.
– Michele Theodore and Emily Gonzales, Arizona

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Faced with a disabling medical condition or disease? Disability Group has information on how to apply for SSDI for a range of conditions, from #arthritis  to #diabetes  to #sleepapnea . If there's a particular condition you'd like information on, leave a comment or give us a call! #disabledworld  

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The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, Connecticut is a one-of-a-kind movie house employing adults with special needs. What an awesome team!

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"Real disability often doesn’t look like stereotypical disability."

Great read about the broad perception that people with disabilities are faking, and ways that forces some people with disabilities to partially misrepresent the exact nature of their disability.

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It IS possible to receive disability benefits for back pain, if one of the following is true:
Inability to walk one block without pausing
Inability to sit or stand for a minimum of two hours a day
Inability to bend over and pick something up
Inability to lift anything over 10 pounds
Need to change positions frequently
Need to lie down throughout the day

Learn more: & please feel free to call us for a FREE evaluation.
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What is the difference between partial and permanent disability?

Temporary disability means that your condition will most likely improve greatly over time.
Partial disability occurs when only some of the skills necessary to complete your job are compromised by your debilitation.
Total disability means that you cannot complete any of the necessary tasks required by your job due to your circumstance.
Permanent disability means that your condition will stay the same over time and will not improve very much.

Read on for more info... #disabled   #disability   #ssdisabilitylawyer  
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