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Tyrone Jensen
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Tyrone Jensen. Diploma Health and Fitness. Lv 1 Metabolic Nutritionist. Lv 2 Registered Exercise Professional. Lv 4 Poliquin Strength/conditioning coach. Lv 2 Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner. Lv 1 A.S.C.A. P.I.M.S.T MP Certified Transformation Specialist. Qualified E.M.T Trainer (PT Academy VIC) Qualified Children's Trainer (Fitness Australia) Qualified Older Adults Trainer (Fitness Australia)
I am the owner/operator/director and head strength and conditioning coach of Tight Fitness Solutions, I have trained and still train numerous national and australian level class athletes in sports such as Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Rugby, Soccer,Cycling and Rugby Legue. And am one of only a handfull of coaches in Australia that are certified Lv 4 Poliquin strength and conditioning coaches. Always trying to learn and further my education, I have traveled overseas and interstate to train and complete numerous internships with Australia's and the world's best Strength and Conditioning coaches, fitness professionals and world famous IFBB Body builders. These include - Charles Poliquin & Andrea Benoit from the Poliquin Performance Center (Rhode Island) in the United States, John Connor from the Irish Strength Institute, Dan Baker, Head Strength & Conditioning coach at the Brisbane Bronco's, Joseph Coyne from Australia, Daine McDonald from Clean Health Sydney Australia, Milo Sarcev, International IFBB body builder and Glen Pendlay from team MDUSA - Lv 5 U.S.A Olympic Weight Lifting coach. From these professional's I have obtained knowledge, secrets and training methods that have me on the cutting edge of information, service, training and nutrtion strategies that go far and beyond your average Personal Trainer's knowledge. I offer you my complete Professional commitment to achieve YOUR personal success! Information is nothing without dedication and I will bend over backwards to help you achieve your results. All I ask is that you give me your time + 100% effort! What ever your fitness levels, body composition or strength level, I can tailor and structure your trainig and nutrition to help you reach your physical potential and optimal health. Each member works at their own capability and if you like a challenge and want to get results that will make you a happier, healthier, stronger and leaner person - START NOW - and keep it off for the rest of your life.
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    Head Strength and Conditioning Coachcoach/Bio Signature Practitioner, present
    Forget what you know about personal training and under qualified, run of the mill, minimally qualified Personal Trainers. Tyrone Jensen is a fully qualified Bio Signature Practitioner, certified Metabolic Nutritionist , certified Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach and nationally accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Poliquin Strength institute in the United States. He uses functional medicine testing as a scientific approach to hormones and how the body functions to stimulate rapid fat loss, strength and lean muscle gains. It is methodology to quantify your exact body composition goals. Every thing is measured and planned to forecast the results you want. NO GUESS WORK, NO BLIND FAITH. Its a system of synergistic nutrition, strength training and supplementation. As a side effect of a nutritious diet and strength training, it is not uncommon for my clients to drop anywhere between 4-6kg and 4% body fat while gaining 2-3kg of lean muscle mass in just 1 month of training with Tight Fitness Solutions and Tyrone.