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Nicolas Garnier
“When I’m being sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead”
“When I’m being sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead”

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Coming to Google I/O 2016? Come check out Randall Sarafa's and my talk on our WhatsApp/Google Drive Backup integration.

It was a fun (and challenging journey) and we'll be taking a close, behind-the-scenes look at how we landed it (and what our biggest challenges were).

Day 2 (May 19), 10:00 AM, Stage 9

If you're not able to attend I/O this year, the talk will be recorded and I'll add the video link to this post when available.


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Check this out! Pretty awesome web series!

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Hey everyone,

The Music Player for Google Drive just got a UI refresh, mobile UI and tons of bugs Fixes. If you store your music library on Google Drive make sure to check it out: and let me know if you have any feedback :)

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Check this out! Material Design Lite makes it really easy to bring material design to your website/webapps! :)
Introducing Material Design Lite - Material Design components & templates in vanilla CSS, HTML & JavaScript 

We've now live at

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We just pushed 2 more testing samples to our android testing samples on github.

- BasicSample for Gradle Unit Test Support, which covers mockable.jar and mockito

- BasicSample for UiAutomator which show integration with the new instrumentation based UiAutomator 2.0

Happy testing from the developer platforms Android testing team +Jose Alcérreca​​​​ +Nicolas Garnier +Stephan Linzner​​​​!

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+1! I've been using Dart for a bunch of server side code (webapps but also scripts and command line tools) lately. And indeed it's a very nice and productive language for this.
Dart makes a great server-side development language. Node-style asynchronicity, Futures, Streams, async/await, type annotations, and now: App Engine Managed VMs!

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Hey all,
I've build a Tool that helps you move issues between GitHub repos which, oddly, you can't do by default using the GitHub UI. Please check it out:

Also It's entirely written in Dart, both server-side and client-side. I kind of used this project to ramp up on the language and it's been an awesome-awesome experience :) Also it's hosted on AppEngine Managed VMs. If you're interested in learning about any of this stuff feel free to have a look at the GitHub repo: I've added some description of the project's code and directories.

Suggestions/Questions welcomed!

#dartlang   #appengine  

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I've been using Dart ForceMVC lately. It's a really Cool Spring MVC-like framework for Dart server side.

A bunch of cool new features have been added lately:
 - Support for the upcoming Dart on App Engine's managed VMs (check issue #18)
 - A useful "pub serve" integration (check issue #23)

If you are building Dart servers I highly recommend the ForceMVC framework. And if you were using Spring MVC on Java you'll feel at home!
A new version of ForceMVC landed, with some tricks to help you during development ...

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I've joined the #dartlang  team a few weeks ago! I've been ramping up since then. Super excited about the language!

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Is the Real Madrid using Comic Sans as a font for their jerseys? :D :D
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