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Biometrics analysis and insights
Biometrics analysis and insights

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Biometix is the most experienced commercial biometric consulting and evaluation organisation in the Asia Pacific region.

We are not aligned to any vendors of biometric systems.
We specialise in providing independent consulting advice in the following areas:

* Fundamental advice regarding the use of all types of biometric technologies
* Quantitative evaluation of:
* Existing databases of biometric information
* Various vendors and biometric technologies with regard to clients’ own data and environment
* Pilot systems
Scale-up issues
Impact of multi-modal biometric systems
Demographic variances
Achieved False Alarm and False Reject Ratios
Environmental issues affecting results
Troubleshooting of problem systems
Identification of problem enrolments
Architectural design of biometric systems
Assistance in the project management of new systems
Establishing sound processes for auditing systems
Evaluation and investigation of fraud and
Advice on ongoing management and upgrading of biometric systems.

For over ten years we have been involved with large government biometric projects globally, and assisted with the testing and assurance of most of the leading biometric products.
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