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Tracy Wood
Interested in new food ideas?
Interested in new food ideas?

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Parmesan Eggplant Meatballs
I was super irritated the last few summers with the meager
supply of eggplants at my local big box garden center. Am I really the only
person in my town who grows eggplants at home? Can’t the garden centers carry a
few plants for the eggplant lovers out t...

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Festive Portobello Mushroom Wellington from Bosh!
The most difficult part of this beautiful recipe is finding
chestnuts. I had never used chestnuts in any capacity, so I was really
interested to taste them and learn that they have a very meaty taste and texture.
Luckily, I found whole, cooked, and peeled n...

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Cauliflower Bisque (Love Soup, by Anna Thomas)
What a glorious soup! Truly, perhaps the best soup we have
ever eaten! The color was magnificent. These photos really don’t capture the
delicate creamy yellow that was the end result of cauliflower and carrot gently
cooked and then blended. I wondered if th...

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Butternut and Apple Soup
A new year is upon us and that’s a good thing. I love a new
start. Yes, I love Mondays. I love new novels and new shoes. I love new
haircuts. I love to taste a new wine or to eat at a new restaurant. I just
purchased new drinking glasses and, honestly, I fe...

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Asparagus and Walnut Lasagna
Here is a very simple and elegant lasagna based on a recipe
found in the tiny gem of a cookbook: “Vegan…Made Simple.” I have mentioned this
book before and I can’t recommend it enough. (As I write this, I see there are used
copies on for $.01…..n...

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Lemony Carrot Top Pesto
If you are lucky enough to come across freshly picked carrots at your local farmers market, buy them. Especially if they still have their gorgeous lacy green tops. Make a simple carrot soup with the roots and for a gourmet finish, make a pesto with a handfu...

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Petosky Stones on a Michigan Beach
Have you noticed a spirit of discontent and dissatisfaction that
has absorbed into the fabric of people lately? I see it everywhere and it
troubles me. I see people raising their voices at strangers. I feel the disgust
toward me from people who are of a dif...

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A Gift of Purples
Majestic is
what we say Harkening
back to times of thrones and wealth Rare and
royal; adored or despised; youthful and mature at once Purple Even the word
itself is special:                Effort needed by both tongue and
mind We foolishly
try to capture pu...

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Cheesy Cauliflower Mash Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms
For whatever reason, my zucchini plants have produced tons of male
flowers and very few female flowers the past few years. The male flowers have
long stems and never produce any fruit. The female flowers grow very close to
the base of the plant, they have s...

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Parmesan and Herb Mashed Cauliflower Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
I live in a tiny village. One small grocery store (that does
not carry tofu), one small Dollar Store (that sells great canned refried
beans), one little coffee shop (it’s NOT Starbucks), and one drug store
(walking distance from my home and a regular stop w...
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