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Today me and Jonathan made the beat and wrote lyrics for the video we will be making for new media arts ! I like the beat and lyrics whoever doesn't like it could make one themselves or sample one themselves if they think its that easy !

Today we went outside and interviewed random people and asked them their thoughts about education it was a good experience because we got to get different point of views about education from all different time periods but it was very hot so that wasn't a good thing

Today we had to watch our peer interviews and write about something interesting that we said i liked the activity and i didnt really like this activity but i fought through it and got it done

Today we read an article that had to do with how students in Pelham gardens middle school and how they wanted to get into schools that are good and have high graduation rates that students of color dont usually get into or even get to apply to so thats a good thing because everyone should have equal opportunity to be in the same position to succeed as everyone else

Today we watched the interviews that everyone did on the streets and gave cool and warm feed back i think we have to have the interviewer in the videos also . I feel that we also have to have someone who hold the microphone and captures good sound cause its hard for the interviewer to multitask . For everyone's first time interviewing people thou they did well

Today I worked on a couple old assignments that I missed and i also worked on a beat to a song that will be played in our video we will be making i wasnt feeling well so i didnt go do interviews with the rest of my classmates i guess i will make it up another day

Today i started making a beat and i have to write lyrics for a song that will be played with our video it will be very inspiring because its will be about overcoming obstacles we might face as students and just with real life issues !

Its was easy to be the person being interviewed its much more easy to come up with the responses to the questions . I'm not gonna lie although i was active listening its was much more harder to come up with follow up questions to the responses i found myself getting stuck not knowing how to respond to responses with another question . When u active listen its easy to have follow up questions but you're also on the spot to come up with something right there and if you're sorta nervous its a challenge .

Things are starting to get better in the class I like the video we watched today because it was kids just like us years before we were thought about complaining about the same things we were its good to see that were not the only ones going through this its also motivating because these kids turned it around and made it which is what i am doing here at pulse !

Im fine with the name durable dreams . I like the idea of being able to talk about ourselves and the hardships we face on our path to success . I was okay with todays lesson it wasn't that bad and i completed my work .
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