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Main Developer on WhiteCoreSim
Main Developer on WhiteCoreSim

Just a question for those still in the group:

Is there still talk about rebuilding OpenSim Creations back to what it was or has that been giving up ?

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What processor type are you running WhiteCore on ?
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x64 Machine - Windows
x86 Machine - Linux
x64 Machine - Linux
x86 / x64 Machine - MacOS
x86 Machine - Windows
x64 Machine - Windows
x86 Machine - Linux
x64 Machine - Linux
x86 / x64 Machine - MacOS

Just to make some people jealous: Having a WorldMap that shows all the regions you have loaded makes it quite fun to see

I grabbed some of the old code that was around for decades and made it look at the current status in the DB

Perhaps with a bit of rework I'm sure +Fred Beckhusen can get it integrated into the DreamWorld/DreamGrid launcher

+Fred Beckhusen Is it just me or are the downloads being pulled from a really slow server ???

When I download the zip file directly it downloads with the speed of about 2000 times faster then the updater itself. Is there a hard cap placed in the updater to keep it from reaching over 5 Kbps ?

Quick Update [11 December 2017] on the status of WhiteCore:


Just 20 mins ago I removed all the programs from our LibOMV implementation and separated them into their own repository.

The reason for this is that we think that they're better off in a separate place which also makes the pull of code a lot faster for some people.

Many of the programs that LibOMV have created were either WIP or programs that need a better understanding of how the internals of LibOMV work.


Our master is currently receiving some updates and will continue to be updated for changes that are needed for some viewer based work.

I want to wish you all a happy Holiday season ahead and hope that 2018 will be a year in which WhiteCore will grow and receive more code.

Quick Update [14 April 2017] on the status of WhiteCore:

Let me start with wishing you all a good Lent, Easter or whatever you celebrate the upcoming weekend.

For the past months the development on WhiteCore has gone slower and I personally wanted to explain why I, as a developer, am not working on WhiteCore every day anymore.

Since the start of February I gained some additional composure to my RL job which makes it a little harder for me to "claim" the 20% rule to work on my own projects.

Sadly that means that I had to reevaluate which projects I can do and which I will have to slow down on. WhiteCore is 1 of the projects that went into the slowdown mode for me.

This doesn't mean that development on WhiteCore has come to a grinding halt but just that it will take longer for new things to be added.

Also I did want to point out that we could use a LOT more issue reports on things that break when you use WhiteCore. I hope that the upcoming period more people will use our software and find bugs that we didn't know about.

Quick Update [13 Januari 2017] on the status of WhiteCore:

Let me start with wishing you all a good New Year, even when we're not allowed by tradition anymore ;)

In the last week of 2016 and starting 2017 the Development team behind WhiteCore had a sit in and discussed how we wanted to start 2017 with.

My personal goal for this year is to have another release out at the end of the year which hopefully will be one to remember. IWC integration, a working Marketplace and perhaps even more.

Also the DNE Scriptengine has become a block to our legs and should really be either upgraded to something better or just dropped and rebuild from scratch to be a better managed version. The problem that arrose early 2017 was that some functions looked okay but aren't exactly working as described.

Last but not least, I have made our own LibOMV part of the repository as a submodule. This means that you will always have the latest LibOMV in your repository so that incompatibility between functions is no longer an issue.

For those that pull our repository as a zip file through Github, PLEASE remember to pull the LibOMV repo as well as the Prebuild now depends on having it in there.

Quick Update [18 November 2016] on the status of WhiteCore:

At the moment the master might look a little messy as +Rowan Deppeler is doing some changes to the WebUI and also work is being done on the Library.

If you have anything that you'd like to see in the WhiteCore Library, please let us know in the comments so we can see if it's possible to add it.

As of now I have decided to leave this group as outside sources have informed me that this group is all based around Opensim and Hypergrid based grids.

Since WhiteCore is not and will not be a Hypergrid enabled building block for the near future, it would be wise for me to leave as posts might bleed through from other spots.

So I hope you all will have a good Community here, based on the building blocks of Opensim.

Release version 0.9.4 - Kultarr

We're happy to announce the latest release of WhiteCore which has focused mostly in getting the large issues out of the way for IWC and other options that will be added in the future.

For all the release notes and downloads, please look at this link:
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