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Asfand Yar Junejo
Very Moody....!
Very Moody....!

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“The Whisperings of Shaytaan:

Will make you yearn for things you don’t want, Things you don’t need

He’ll plant in your mind hate, He’ll plant in your heart greed

Until you flutter amongst people, not knowing your place,

Walking amongst the dunya, slowing your pace.

No reason to be.

But Allah said ‘Be!’, and it’s clear he is One,

No sister, no brother, no father, no son.

Everyone walks alone, no matter about Shaytaan,

He’s weak and frail, don’t let him lower your Iman,

Have strength knowing your headed in the right direction,

Alone as a traveller, this dunya is a just a perspective.

For some it is everything, endless ‘delight’, people praising them from left to right,

But there’s still that gaping hole in the soul, it haunts at the end of the night.

For others it is a struggle, they walk alone with the truth in their hearts,

Knowing their reward lies with only One, the Almighty Allah.”
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