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Wish I could import or search thru my contacts from my android device/gmail account.
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give it a week and you probably will be able to do a direct import - it already has a recommended contacts, at least in the mobile google+ that I was looking through
Really? Are you using the mobile version? The first thing Google+ had me do was search through my gmail contacts.
Check some of the tuts, apparently you can add contacts from gmail, hotmail, yahoo...etc..
Well, the only contacts that it found instantly for me were actual email contacts (only people I've sent/recv email from) in gmail. Anything linked from my phone / facebook has not shown up. My contact book in gmail isn't showing up. My "suggested" list of friends is empty and I can't seem to find a way to add more to it...
I guess that's why this is still invite-only. My complaint is that there are too many suggested friends, and it relies too heavily on my gmail contacts.
Well, as I don't really email a lot - my contacted list in gmail is rather short ... even though my contacts list (linked to phone) is over 150 people. I only saw about 15 people in my list of suggestions because those were the very limited few I had actually emailed at some point in time.
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