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I listened to the episode of TAL in question. I have to say, that the issues brought up are likely to be extremely common. I have both known people who have, and myself have, had police brush off complaints or refuse to investigate actual criminal activity. In one case, a close friend tried to file charges for rape against someone who had raped her, and the local police forced her to sign a document stating it didn't happen (under duress), and then turned around and charged HER for filing a false police report. She ended up on probation for 3 years, and the rapist got off free. The D.A. in that county won his next re-election, of course, on a platform claiming he had reduced violent crime significantly. Easy enough if you make sure to punish those who report violent crime rather than go after the criminals.
Ugh, that's horrible. I can only irrationally hope that things change for the better sooner than later.
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